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DoorDasher Threatens To Sue Customer For Lost Wages After They Complained They Didn't Receive A Picture Of Food Delivery

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A DoorDash delivery driver is threatening to go through with a legal battle against a customer after they claimed that they never received their order.

Now, the customer is sharing their exchange online, asking others who is to blame in the situation.

The DoorDash driver claimed that he would sue the customer for ‘lost wages’ after they claimed that they did not receive a photo of their delivered order.

Sharing their story to the subreddit, r/doordash, the customer posted a photo of the text message conversation they had with their DoorDash driver after failing to receive a photo of their order, confirming that it was delivered.

The DoorDash driver asked the customer why they reported their order missing, claiming that they in fact dropped it off. They argue that it was because they never received a photo of their food order at their doorstep, and it was nowhere to be found.

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“DoorDash said there was a picture and there was no picture,” the customer wrote. “All I know is that the food was not at my door.”

According to the DoorDash driver, he placed the order on the ground floor of the customer’s apartment building since he “didn’t want to” climb the stairs up to their unit. He then grilled the customer for not going out to look for their lost order.

“You’d know that if you actually looked for it instead of complaining to DoorDash,” he responded. The driver then claimed that he was being fired by the company after the customer reported the missing order to DoorDash.

“I didn’t want you to get fired, I just wanted my food,” the customer told the driver. The aggravated DoorDasher demanded that the customer pay him for “lost wages” or else he would sue them.

Photo: Reddit

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The customer left it up to Reddit to decide who was in the wrong.

Redditors slammed the DoorDash driver for neglecting to do his job and then blaming the customer for it.

Commenters argued that it was part of the DoorDash driver’s job to not only take a photo of the order and send it to the customer once it was delivered, but to deliver the food to their doorstep, even if it meant climbing stairs.

“He should’ve climbed the stairs, it’s what he’s being paid to do,” one user commented. "This dasher is trash at their job. If they’re ‘getting fired’ then this wasn’t their first offense,” another user shared.

According to DoorDash, employees may face the deactivation of their account if they steal a customer’s order, fail to complete over 80% of their accepted orders, or have a customer rating of less than 4.2 out of 5.

Other Reddit users claimed that the DoorDash driver had no grounds to sue the customer or demand they pay lost wages.

“He also needs to read legal advice instead of throwing terms around. The person/company firing would be responsible for lost wages, not some random client even if they were responsible (which they are not, in this case),” one user wrote. “And also good luck winning a case when you provide the hypothetical defendant with your straw man case. So maybe he should watch 'Law and Order,' too.”

The customer followed up with their original post, stating that they asked the driver to send them a picture of their order after they could not find it in front of their door. After he failed to send them a picture, the customer wound up finding their food hours later.

“I contacted DoorDash to tell them it actually was delivered but they had already given me a refund and said there was nothing they could do,” they wrote.

Regardless of whether or not the food was actually delivered, the DoorDash driver likely would not have had a successful lawsuit against the customer.

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