Woman Uses DoorDash Driver To Snoop Around A House By Order Food To A Former Friend's Address

While many people found the entire debacle hilarious, others warned about the dangerous possibilities of DoorDash drivers accepting offers like that.

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A woman decided to go through some extreme measures to try and get the inside scoop on someone she was no longer speaking to, but she enlisted the unlikely help of a DoorDash driver to do it.

In a post originally shared on Facebook, and then reposted on TikTok, a woman named Saleena placed a delivery order on DoorDash. However, the order wasn't meant for her address but for someone else's whose house she wanted to know was empty.


She asked her DoorDash driver to drop off an order at another address and see if there were cars parked in front of it.

In a video posted by TikTok user @bjshoty, he showed the original post where a woman hired a DoorDash driver to snoop around the home of someone she needed information on.

"Basically this customer orders something to someone else's house just to check to see if there are any cars outside," he explained. 

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After Saleena placed an order for lemonade from a restaurant on DoorDash, she decided to try and see if the driver would be willing to help her out. In the description of the order, Saleena wrote that the driver could leave the drink at the door of the house, but added another peculiar request.


"Send me a picture of the cars outside of the house. If there's not a black Honda there or if there's any other cars other than the black Honda [let me know]," she wrote to the driver, making sure to add a smiley face at the end of the message.

While an unusual request, the DoorDash driver didn't seem to mind it, and when he arrived at the location the order was supposed to be dropped off to, he received another text from Saleena. This time, she told him to just keep the lemonade she'd ordered, and check on if there were any cars outside of the house.

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"You can keep the lemonade. Will you just drive past the house and send me a picture of the house and whatever cars are there," she asked the driver. Right away, the driver sends Saleena a photo of the outside of the house that she requested.


The DoorDash driver definitely didn't have anything to lose, considering he was now getting a free lemonade out of it, and was still being paid for the trip. Saleena was also extremely grateful for the intel, telling the driver, "Thank you so much!" 

While some TikTok users found the entire exchange hilarious, others warned that doing something like this can be very dangerous.

"Not raining on the parade but this has the potential to be very dangerous depending on the motives of the requesting party," one TikTok user pointed out.

Another user agreed, writing, "Ok but hear me out! What if the person being snooped on has a restraining order against that person? Or they [are] a stalker? Or an abusive partner?"

"I couldn't do that. That is enabling some really toxic behavior, and potentially allowing a stalker or abuser access to someone's space," a third user remarked. 


While things like this can make for funny anecdotes, DoorDash drivers should probably just stick to picking up and delivering food, instead of getting involved in other people's affairs.

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