DoorDasher Cancels Customer's Order After McDonald's Breakfast Ends — 'This Is What Happens When You're Rude & Don't Tip'

While some people praised his actions, others believed he was required to do his job despite a customer's attitude.

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Be careful how you interact with your DoorDash driver, because it may just cost you your meal! One customer learned this the hard way after telling their driver to “hurry up” with their order and then refusing to tip

The driver then decided that they would make them wait even longer as punishment for their unpleasant behavior. 

The DoorDash driver canceled the customer’s breakfast order after receiving her ‘rude’ messages. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 3,000 times, user @nba_dashboy, a DoorDash driver, shares a screenshot of a rude exchange he had with a customer while picking up her breakfast order from McDonald’s. 


The customer, Hailee F, texts the driver asking where he is shortly after placing the order. After informing her that he is at McDonald’s awaiting her food, she tells him to “hurry up.” 

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“Got you!” the driver replies with a laughing emoji, seemingly still in good spirits despite Hailee’s attitude. 

It doesn’t take long until she starts demanding the status of her order again. “Why does the time keep getting pushed back?” she asks. The driver claims that the restaurant is busy and her order is taking longer than usual, responding with an emoji demonstrating a person shrugging. 



The next video clip depicts the driver sitting inside the McDonald’s at a table. He films the empty restaurant before turning the camera toward his table, where he is helping himself to Hailee’s meal. He reveals that he canceled her order after breakfast hours due to her rude comments and refusal to tip, effectively sabotaging her chances of getting her preferred order at all that day.


“How you gonna be rude and not tip?” he captions his video. 

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Some TikTok users agreed with the driver and praised him for his actions. 

“Good on you! I would’ve done the same,” one user commented.

“I don’t blame you at all. No tip, rude, 20+ miles for $4.50 an hour,” another user wrote. 

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However, other users believed that the driver was not entitled to a tip.

They suggest he could have denied the order once he realized that the customer was not going to tip him. 


“You can tell if they tip or not. That's why I don't accept orders with no tip,” one user shared. “It’s insane to me how many drivers think they are entitled to a tip,” another user commented. 

“I am so sick of you dashers complaining. If you want to make more money, go to school and get some SKILLS. You are getting paid what your worth,” another user wrote. 

The average DoorDash base pay for drivers ranges from $2 to $10 per delivery depending on the estimated duration, distance, and desirability of the order. According to analysis by the Pay Up campaign, "On average, DoorDash pays just $1.45 per hour worked, after accounting for the expenses of mileage and the additional payroll taxes borne by independent contractors." While customers are certainly not required to tip, it is considered a kind and appreciative gesture. Ultimately, tipping is a personal decision, and you are free to tip based on your judgment and satisfaction with the service received. 


Other users argued that while the driver was not entitled to a tip, he was entitled to deny service to the rude customer. 

“Even if it was my job to deliver food, it’s NEVER my job to deal with sh–ty people. Service denied,” another user noted. 

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