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Jay-Z's Former Friend Claims He Has A 'Secret' Adult Daughter Who Lives In A House He Pays For

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In new allegations that have recently emerged, Jay-Z's former friend has made claims that the rapper actually has a "secret" daughter that was born before he and Beyoncé got together.

Popular singer Oschino, who had once been a member of State Property, a rap group that had been a part of Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella label, has made claims that Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, has a daughter named La’Teasha Macer.

He alleges that Macer resides in a home that Jay-Z purchased for her in Cambridge, Maryland, and that he pays Macer's bills but allegedly doesn't allow her to put pictures of him around her house as a part of their "deal."

Does Jay-Z have a secret daughter?

Rumors about the rapper's alleged secret older daughter have circulated for several years but have never been addressed by Jay-Z.

According to Bossip, via Cheat Sheet, Macer had been born in 1990 after her mother, Lisa, had been introduced to Jay-Z through Lisa's sister, and the two immediately began a romantic relationship.

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In a Facebook post written by Lisa's sister, she alleges that they had tried to contact Jay-Z at Roc-A-Fella headquarters when Lisa had found out she was pregnant but had been unable to reach him.

“I know the STORY FROM start [to] finish, I hooked your Mother&father up YEARS ago. Jay ask me who she was when I lived on 500 side Greenwood Ave! We chilled in that Apartment so many times, we laughed, drank, smoked, played card[s] and some more Sh*t… Lisa and I have talked about this for YEARS!” Lisa's sister wrote. 

Macer, whose Instagram handle is "jayzfirstdaughter," posted to her account claiming that Jay-Z was her biological father, according to Capital Xtra.

"I've been quiet for far too long. Join me as I tell you my story of living in the shadows of being Jay-Z’s daughter in a city where everyone knew he was my father!" Macer wrote in the caption. "There’s no way he can deny anything, especially when there were people there that knew him.”

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This isn't the first time that someone has claimed to be Jay-Z's child.

Jay-Z has also been accused of having a secret son.

In 2018, The Sun reported about a man named Rymir Satterthwaite who had claimed Jay-Z was his father for years. His mother had claimed that she'd had an affair with the rapper in 1992 that resulted in her becoming pregnant with her son.

However, Jay-Z denies that he's Satterthwaite's father and refused to take a DNA test. Though, he seemed to address the allegations in the song 'Heard About Us,' which appeared on his and Beyoncé's joint album, 'Everything Is Love.'

In the song, he raps, "Billie Jean in his prime… For the thousandth time, the kid ain’t mine.”

In an interview with The Sun, Satterthwaite, an aspiring musician, said, "I don’t want money or anything like that from Jay-Z. I just want him to finally tell the truth to the world.

"He’s supposed to be a positive role model for our community — he stands there screaming ‘Black Lives Matter’ — well tell the truth and take responsibility. And if you say I’m not your son and nothing ever happened with my mum then just take the test."

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