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Details Of The Fan Conspiracy Theory That Beyoncé Faked Her Pregnancy With Blue Ivy

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Ever since the news of another pop culture icon’s pregnancy was revealed — yes, I’m talking about Rihanna — we’ve been reminded of a much simpler time when baby-conspiracy theories were swirling around every facet of the news media coverage.

A time when people were looking for any reason or semblance of evidence that Beyoncé wasn’t actually pregnant the first time — coming up with the wildest theories or pointing to performances, TV appearances, or photoshoots for explanations.

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Did Beyoncé fake her pregnancy?

The singer has shut down allegation that she lied about her pregnancy and, to be honest, even if she did it's not our business but the conspiracy theory remains.

Here is why fans think she may have actually used a surrogate before Blue Ivy came into the world.

According to Gawker, these conspiracies boiled down to three pieces of evidence: the shifting stomach, the shifting due date, and the dearth of pregnancy photos.

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Beyoncé couldn't give a straight answer about her due date.

After revealing her pregnancy at the 2011 VMAs, Beyoncé did in September where she talked about her child’s due date, saying it was in February, making her four months pregnant at the VMAs.

However, this is contradicted by the “Behind The Scenes” footage for her “Countdown” music video where she says she’s six months along, making her five months pregnant at the VMAs — which would also be the right timing for Blue Ivy’s birth date.

This piece of evidence can be easily disputed by saying that Beyoncé was simply trying to shake off the press, or just got her dates confused.

However, another bit of evidence is what really stumps everyone.

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Beyoncé was accused of using a fake pregnancy bump.

In an interview with Australia's "Sunday Night" fans thought they noticed her baby bump fold while the singer moved.

As she was walking into the room and sitting down in the chair across from the interviewer, her loose-fitting dress that did all but completely conceal her baby bump, appeared to flatten in the same spot where many claimed her baby bump should have been.

After this moment, the internet was no longer the same. Everyone thought she was just wearing a bump pad or a pillow, sparking rumors that maybe the pop singer was actually having a baby through a surrogate mother and not a natural birth.

Tabloids went crazy, running every rumor, claim, grasping at any piece of faux evidence they could to try and delegitimize her pregnancy when the truth was right in front of them in the exact same video.

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You don’t need a different angle to understand how clothes work.

As she walks up, you can see the way her dress behaves. It’s loose and likely made to be a little large in the belly area since she is pregnant and they do make clothes for pregnant women.

You can see that the dress bends and folds in spaces where they’re not touching any part of her body, and when she begins the squat motion to get into the chair, the dress leans forward and folds due to another spot where the dress is touching her.

Her belly bump is already being concealed through her motion, it just looks like the bump is what’s folding because the fabric that’s hanging down is rounded.

For some strange reason, people wanted Beyoncé’s pregnancy to be fake so bad that they threw all logic out the window, forgetting that regardless of what the truth is, they have no involvement in her life in any way, shape, or form anyway.

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Beyoncé didn't let any rumors swirl for her second pregnancy.

In 2017, on the first day of Black History Month and after President Donald Trump’s inauguration into office, Beyoncé announced her second pregnancy with Jay Z through an Instagram post of a beautiful, floral photoshoot showing off the singer’s baby bump.

This time around, Beyoncé was preparing to have twins and didn’t want any wild conspiracy theories rising out of this pregnancy, so she decided to be more vocal and public about it.

“We would like to share our love and happiness,” reads her caption on Instagram. “We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes.”

She was sticking a middle finger to all of the conspiracy theorists that claimed she faked her first pregnancy, which was obviously untrue.

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