Why People Think Kanye West May Be Heading Into Another Mental Health Crisis

Kanye's behavior leading up to the release of his new album, "Donda," has some people worried.

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With Kanye West gearing up for the release of his 10th studio album, "Donda," the Chicago rapper has found himself under the spotlight a lot over the last month sporting some eye-raising looks.

Earlier this month, he was seen at the Balenciaga couture show with a custom Harley Davidson mask designed with a lion that covered his entire head besides some holes for him to breathe out of.

A month before he was seen wearing a similar mask, that one Jesus-themed, in 80-degree weather.


They all seem to match his outfits, so it’s OK for now, but the odd face coverings have fans wondering: what’s going on with him as he makes his new album?

Is Kanye West OK?

Kanye broke down when a song called “Love Unconditionally,” which appears to be written about losing his family — both his own family and his wife and kids — played at the live stream event.

Considering he hasn’t released it yet and his track record in the past with his perfectionist tendencies, he’s probably hoping this is his magnum opus and a good enough ode to his mother — a perfect send-off.

Often criticized for his narcissism and selfish attitude, it may be surprising for some people to see this much emotional depth coming from the musical icon directed towards other people.


While we can't speak to the true state of his mental health, given his acknowledgment that he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and patterns we've observed in the past, some are speculating that he may be in the midst of a mental health crisis.

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In late July, Kanye wiped his Instagram clean and teases his next album, titled "Donda" after his late mother.

Once again, he appears in a face covering and posted other pictures that included necklaces with his children’s names on them among others.


"Donda" was set to be released on the 23rd and Kanye West fans everywhere rejoiced.

His last album, ‘Jesus Is King,’ came out in 2019 and was hit with a lot of mixed reviews — including from me — so we’re hoping the 22-time Grammy winner can come back and show off his creative genius once more. Only, the album didn't come out.

Fans are still waiting for "Donda."

Classic Kanye. Saying an album is going to come out and then not dropping it on the day he announced. Who could really be surprised?

Instead of dropping the whole, completed project, he instead held a listening party in Atlanta at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and hosted it on Apple Music — breaking Apple Music records.


A listening party that he was 2 hours late to, by the way. Don’t worry though, fans who got there early could hit the snack bar and pay $50 for chicken tenders and brownies for $45.

But also, the album was totally incomplete — surprisingly incomplete. For an album release that was pushed back to August 6, it still feels like an insurmountable goal.

Verses are missing, some were phoned in, people were even joking that Kim took the drums in their divorce.

The production sounds great and there’s a lot of potential, but there’s also still a lot left to complete.

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Kanye has moved into the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to complete "Donda."

According to TMZ reports, he was so inspired by the "Donda" crowd — who simply watched him stand in the middle of the stadium and jam out to his own music — that he never left.


Kanye and his team have set up a living area, a personal studio, and even hired a chef to cook all of his meals.

A stadium representative told the media, "We've been able to accommodate his needs while he's with us."


Now, we’ve got Kanye in full-on album mode with all of this bizarre behavior and we have to ask: is he ok? Or is this normal Kanye?

Do we give Kanye a pass where we wouldn’t give other artists? Is he a mad genius, or simply mad?

Kanye has struggled in the past with his mental health, taking medicine for bipolar disorder, and sometimes requiring hospitalization after having his episodes.


He himself also said in an interview with David Letterman back in 2019, that he is a “crazy person” and therefore he makes “crazy music.”

But does that make it OK? Should we be more concerned about him than we are? 

His 10th studio album in a prolifically long career, titled after his mother who tragically passed away and whom he loved so dearly, must be very heavy on the shoulders of someone who everyone is already watching.


On top of that, a recent divorce from Kim Kardashian and his 4 children, he has to be feeling a lot. Abandoned by his father, left by his mother, "Donda" must be a very emotional taxing project to work on. 

The most we can hope for is that he’s taking care of himself in that Mercedes-Benz stadium and actually dropping the album on August 6 so we can finally get a look inside the mind of the mad genius.

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Isaac Serna-Diez is a writer who focuses on entertainment and news, social justice and relationships.