Are Jennifer Lopez And Lenny Kravitz Dating? A-Rod, Look Away!

Sorry, A-Rod!

Is JLo Dating Lenny Kravitz After A-Rod Breakup? DFree / Ron Adar /

Jennifer Lopez could be moving on from her breakup with Alex Rodriguez already. Is the star walking away from her engagement into the arms of Lenny Kravitz?

The two singers-turned-actors have been in the Dominican Republic together filming an upcoming movie while Rodriguez has been going solo in Miami. 

JLo and A-Rod officially called off their engagement in a joint statement on April 14 after rumors circulated accusing the former MLB star of cheating on Lopez.


While Lopez was in the Caribbean with Kravitz, it was alleged that Rodriguez had cheated on his fiancee with “Southern Charm” star Madison LeCroy. 

Though Lopez and Rodriguez were believed to have been working through a rough patch, the recent breakup announcement, and speculation that Lopez and Kravitz are dating, suggest that A-Rod and JLo might have been over for longer than we thought. 

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Are Jennifer Lopez and Lenny Kravitz dating? 

At the very least, these JLo and Kravitz appear to have formed a close relationship while working together on the upcoming “Shotgun Wedding,” the movie that Armie Hammer was infamously dropped from amid cannibal allegations.


Shortly after arriving on set, Lopez shared a video of daughter Emme receiving guitar lessons from Kravitz on her birthday. 

Not long after this adorable moment, Lopez shot a video of herself basking in the Dominican sunlight while blasting Kravitz’s hit song “Fly Away.” The rockstar showed love for the shoutout by commenting with a series of heart emojis. 

Kravitz has had some famous relationships with Nicole Kidman and ex-wife Lisa Bonet, with whom he shares daughter Zoe Kravitz. 


But, apart from a few flings here and there, Kravitz has been one of Hollywood’s most eligible and single bachelors for most of this millennium meaning he is very much available for JLo should she choose to move on. 

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Kravitz and Lopez have been getting close during JLo and A-Rod’s breakup

While one relationship — or friendship — has been blossoming, another has been falling apart. 

JLo and A-Rod revealed they were going to couples therapy during the start of the pandemic. 

In 2021, it was alleged that reality TV star Madison LeCroy had carried on an affair with a former MLB player which many suspected to be Rodriguez. 


While JLo was preparing to film “Shotgun Wedding” her own wedding to Rodriguez was postponed for a second time as reports of a breakup were brewing. 

Lopez and Rodriguez lived apart for the first time ever as the singer was filming the movie which only fuelled breakup rumors.

These rumors were sadly confirmed when the couple officially announced they were calling off their engagement and their relationship. 


According to their respective Instagrams, Kravitz and Lopez appear to still be in the Dominican Republic together as filming for their movie continues meaning we can’t rule out a romance between the pair just yet.  

Meanwhile, Rodriguez is grieving the end of the relationship in the former couple’s Miami home to the sad sounds of Coldplay's "Fix You," according to his Instagram Stories. Been there, A-Rod. Been there.

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