Fans Think Cardi B Is Trying To Send Us A Secret Warning In Her New Music Video


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Conspiracy theorists are at again. This time, they are analyzing Cardi B’s music video for her song, “Hot S–t” and believe that the rapper is trying to warn us of an upcoming apocalypse based on some of the images depicted in the video. 

The song was released on July 1, 2022, with the music video debuting on July 12, accumulating over 14 million views. Kanye West and Lil Durk are also featured in the song. 


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Conspiracy theorists believe that Cardi B is trying to warn us of an upcoming apocalypse. 

The music video is set in what appears to be a dystopian New York City. Some people believe that Cardi is using the video to send viewers subliminal messages of an apocalypse in the near future. 


TikTok user, Christina Torres (@sunflowergypsygurl) has posted several videos regarding celebrity conspiracies — including one recent video about Cardi’s new music video and the possible meanings hidden within it. 



“So we all know that these days the media has been giving away things that are gonna be happening in the near future, so I’m trying to figure this [the music video] out,” Torres says. 

She describes Cardi’s physical appearance in the video, detailing the rapper’s “AI” and “robotic” costume she is seen wearing in the video. 


She notes that Cardi is standing atop a New York building and walking down the side of it. “There’s also been some kind of imagery, and I want to go over that with you guys, and let’s figure out what’s going on,” Torres shares. “What’s the message that they’re trying to give us here.” 

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In another video shot, Cardi is dressed in all white and has flames rising from her shoulders and hair. She is standing next to what appear to be robots. Torres points out the heavy use of AI and futuristic technology and wonders aloud what it could all mean. 

In a later shot during Lil Durk’s appearance, he is standing atop a car submerged in the water underneath a bridge. Torres interprets that image as an indication of a possible “apocalyptic event” that could be happening soon. 


“You know how today’s music tries to throw subliminal messages in their music, so what are they trying to tell us?” she says. “You guys, we need to stay woke.” 

She calls on all of her fellow conspiracy theorists to leave their speculations about the video and its meaning. 

Other TikTok users shared their observations and interpretations in the comments section. 

“There’s a red glow over the water when Lil Durk is on top of the car. Now we have the red glow over the Pacific…did anyone else see that?” one user wrote. 

The red glow the user was referring to was a mysterious red glow captured by a pilot that appeared over the Pacific Ocean several weeks ago. It was later determined to be arrays of red LED lights being used by fishing trawlers to attract certain types of fish. 


Others believed that the video was trying to warn us of an upcoming flood. “I’ve been having dreams of flooding, especially under the Brooklyn Bridge for years. The dreams look just like that clip,” one user commented, referring to the clip of Lil Durk standing on top of the car. “Something is gonna go down in NYC. Remember that PSA a few weeks ago about a nuclear attack,” another user wrote. 

Despite the unsettling images in the “Hot S–t” music video, there is no concrete evidence that Cardi B was trying to warn us of an apocalypse. 

However, the rapper has shared in the past that she is passionate about combatting climate change, which continues to pose a global threat. 

In 2019, Cardi sat down with then-presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to discuss a variety of issues, including climate change. 


Perhaps it is this issue that she is attempting to raise awareness of (the word “hot” is in the song’s title after all!) 

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