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Inside The Conspiracy Theory That Anne Hathaway Is Married To A Time-Traveling William Shakespeare

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conspiracy theory of anne hathaway and husband

If you were paying attention in your high school English class you'll know that actress Anne Hathaway shares her name with the wife of William Shakespeare.

But, for most of us, the similarities between the two women, who lived centuries apart, end there. 

However, one bizarre conspiracy theory is finding more links between the Hollywood star and Shakespeare's wife. After Hathaway married the actor, Adam Shulman, people are coming up with bizarre theories that she may be the real Anne Hathway.

While there have been many conspiracies about celebrities, this one seems to have caught the eye of many.

Is actress Anne Hathaway married to William Shakespeare? 

Similarities between Shulman and Shakespeare have led some to believe that he and Hathaway are reincarnations of the famous literary couple. 

A TikToker posted a video online explaining the conspiracy theory of Anne Hathway and her husband being time-travelers which went viral.



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The resemblance between Shulman and Shakespeare is frightening. The TikToker explains how the both of them could pass off as twins. In addition, Hathway also resembles Shakespeare’s wife along with having the same name as her. 

She further mentions how that leads into the theory of them being time-travelers or immortal like vampires. As bizarre as both of those speculations are, the theory of time-travelers seems a bit more realistic than vampires. 

This isn't the first time people have theorized about Anne Hathaway's link to Shakespeare.

The theory has been floating around the internet for some time so many came to the comments with more information about the pair. 

One user commented, “Oddly enough William Shakespeare was born in April and so was Anne’s husband.” 

Another wrote, “Billions of relationships across the planet and it’s weird that there two couples that resemble each other several hundred years apart? Lol”

And another joked, “Probably a Time Traveler, and in the future she is the Queen of Genovia.”

Shakespeare did write about eternal love for Anne Hathaway.

That led to another theory that both of them could have been reincarnated. There are comments claiming that Shakespeare wrote, “Life is too short to love you alone in one, I promise to look for you in the next life" to his wife. 

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As one user pointed out, “My fave part of the story… Shakespeare wrote to her 'Life is too short to love you alone in one, I promise to look for you in the next life'” 

Another person wrote, “Shakespeare also wrote something along the lines of finding Hathaway in another life and be with her forever.”

Because of that, people are convinced that the two are reincarnated versions of Shakespeare and his wife. There have also been many tweets on Twitter regarding this theory. As this became quite viral, Hathway has also commented on it in an interview.

While there are many people buying into this theory, some people are refusing to believe that this is even possible.

A user even went as far as stating that Shakespeare might not even be a real person. Carebear wrote, “It’s not proven he was an actual person. There’s no historical proof showing he was real. It’s suggested that the name was an alias.”

Another commented that no one really knows what Shakespeare looks like as what we have now are just paintings. 

“If you study history, we actually have no idea what Shakespeare looked like. Look it up.”

Realistically speaking, the possibility of Anne Hathaway and her husband being time-travelers or reincarnated is lower than 0.000001%. However, it's always interesting to see various opinions and thoughts by people to back up conspiracy theories. 

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