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6 Changes Kim Kardashian's Made To Her Home Since Her Split With Kanye West

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Kim Kardashian is revealing the things in her house that have changed since her split with Kanye West.

Kardashian, who has been embroiled in a rather public divorce from West, got to keep and stay in the $60 million Hidden Hills home that she once shared with West, according to TMZ. 

A source told Entertainment Tonight back in October 2021 that the former couple has been divvying up their assets. "Kanye and Kim are moving forward with the divorce, even though recent signs have pointed to a reconciliation. Kim and Kanye are in a very good place, but they aren’t getting back together."

Although we've seen a majority of Kardashian's house during her 73 Questions interview with Vogue, back when she and West were still married, in her recent video with Vogue, Kardashian gave an update on the house, sharing things that have since changed post-split.

Here are 6 major changes Kim Kardashian has made to her home since her split with Kanye West.

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1. Kardashian added new artwork in different rooms around her home.

Starting off the tour with Vogue, Kardashian beings with the kitchen/dining area. "I've filled it up with some amazing art and all my favorite things, I can't wait to show you."

One of the artwork pieces that she focused on was drawn by her eldest daughter, North West. One of the paintings she shows was the iconic mountain-scape portrait that made headlines after people questioned whether North had actually drawn it or not.

The 'KKW' founder showed a drawing North made of their bearded dragon, a charcoal drawing that North made when she had COVID, in which Kardashian says, "Maybe that was just her emo mood."

2. She let her kids pick their own color styles for their bedrooms.

Kardashian explained that the theme in her home is minimal. "Everything in my house is really minimal. There's so much chaos out in the world that when I come home, I want it to be really quiet and I want everything to feel calm."

However, there are certain portions of the house that don't follow the rather neutral color palette that she's coined for other parts of the house. 

"I have the playroom filled with clutter. Bedrooms: One is pink, one is purple, one is blue, one is dinosaurs. Each kid can have their full style and taste in their bedroom and have so much fun," she explained to Vogue. "Shockingly, four kids haven't messed up my cream house."

3. She added new furniture to her bedroom's sitting room.

Photo: YouTube | Vogue

In Kardashian's main room, her sitting area has an array of new furniture that she's added. According to Architectural Digest, the 'Skims' founder added a new sofa, which is called a  Jean Royère polar bear sofa, identical to the one she has in her living room. 

She also added two polar bear chairs, and hung over the room's fireplace is a painting, or more specifically a Lucio Fontana slash painting, which is said to be the same one that she named as the best gift ever, according to E! News.

Kardashian also added a new coffee table, which features her baby books, including sonograms and birth announcements for all of her children. There's also a trunk full of Kardashian's childhood memories, which features a toy her mother, Kris Jenner, knitted her for her bunny-themed room.

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4. The grand piano has been relocated next to the windows overlooking the backyard.

The infamous piano room, which was home for many themed events shown on social media, including when West decorated it with flowers for Kardashian's birthday, and again on Valentine's Day in 2019 when West had Kenny G surprise his then-wife with a personal performance, according to BuzzFeed.

The room does look pretty much the same as it did in Kardashian's 2019 Vogue video, though there are a few simple changes that the mom of four has made.

The room now features more furniture, including a new couch, along with pieces of artwork hanging above the room's fireplace. It also looks as if the piano was moved to now sit in front of the large windows that overlook an array of trees in the backyard.

5. She painted her basketball court black.

Photo: YouTube | Vogue

One of the parts of Kardashian's home that has gone viral is her outdoor basketball court, which has been color-coded to match the theme of her home.

She revealed that she didn't want a typical court, which is why the ground has a neutral-colored spongey material. Along with the color of the ground, the entire court is black, including the basketball hoops that have a black stand, and backboard along with a cream-colored hoop and net.

While giving a tour of her court, in the background you can see Kardashian's all-black gym, which is filled with similar color gym equipment, which only proves that she is pretty particular with things matching.

6. Kardashian matched her favorite cars to the color theme of her home.

Photo: YouTube | Vogue

Right at the end of Kardashian's Vogue video, she walks out to her driveway, showing off her array of favorite cars.

The cars in her driveway consist of a Lamborghini Urus by Mansory, a Rolls-Royce Ghost by Platinum Motorsports, and a Maybach, according to Auto Evolution. She's had the cars for quite some time and had them customized by Platinum Motorsports.

The most interesting part of the cars is their color, which are all matte grey. It's a decision that Kardashian explains is due to her desire to have them "blend in" with the colors of her house, which is grey on the outside.

“I’ve always been a car girl,” she told Vogue. “I love cars and I really wanted something different. I wanted my cars to kind of blend in. So, I did all gray cars instead of my typical matte silver that I used to do.”

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