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Wedding Planner Reveals 3 Things Guests Don't Care About That Can Seriously Cut Costs

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TikTok wedding planner

A southern California wedding planner named Claire decided to share three things she believes wedding guests really don’t care about which may allow you to cut some costs.

While your wedding is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life, all your guests will really care about is your happiness and having a good time themselves, so to avoid spending all of the money in your bank account, cut your cost in these areas instead.

Here are the three things that wedding guests don’t care about, according to a wedding planner.

Claire starts off the video by explaining that as a wedding planner, she loves sharing tips that will help make planning your wedding easier, which includes the three things she believes are the most important when it comes to cutting costs.

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“First, guests don’t care if you repurpose your flowers,” she starts the list off by saying.

Your wedding will have a lot of flowers, but it’s also okay to use the same flowers that you had at the ceremony for the reception.

“Use the same ones for ceremony as for reception,” she continues. “Your bridesmaid's bouquets for the reception.”

The guests won’t mind if they see the same flowers in different places, and a lot of the comments agreed that on the list of things they care to see at the wedding, different flowers are not on there.

“Two is favors. They will not be cliquey if you don’t have them,” she continues.

Wedding favors are the little gifts that guests receive for attending the ceremony, and Claire feels like this is another place where people can save a lot of money by removing them.

People in the comments of her TikTok, however, slightly disagreed with this item on the list.

“I love the favors,” one user wrote under her video.

“Not to be *that* person, but am I the only one who looooves wedding favours??” wrote another user as many others echoed their agreement.

Some people suggested that instead of giving out favors, they got creative with what they gave back to their guests — one person said they had a photo booth while another person had a concert.

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For the last and probably most controversial item on the list, Claire says “Three, is top-shelf liquor.”

“Most people just want free alcohol,” she claims, “So you’re in the clear.”

The users in her comments, however, disagreed with this item the most.

“The liquor I would disagree with for sure,” wrote one user.

“Top shelf liquor is a must!!! Have to disagree on that one,” wrote another.

One woman claimed that she had been the bartender for far too many weddings where people were angry about the liquor selection, so she couldn’t believe that item.

Others disagreed and told the story of either their wedding or weddings they’d been to where people just served beer and wine and mostly cared about the food instead of the liquor.

While the selection of liquor is most likely to be up to personal preference, Claire believes that these cutting out these three things are the least likely to cause you problems over anything else.

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