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Bride Documents Her Solo Wedding After Groom Leaves Her At The Altar Hours Before Ceremony

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bride celebrating her wedding

After one woman was abandoned at the altar, the jilted bride decided to still go through with it and get married by herself.

TikToker, Kayley Stead posted a video of her wedding day which was attended by many of her friends and family members.

In the viral video, the bride celebrates her wedding alone after her fiance left her.

So as not to waste the time and money she put into her wedding, Stead decided to have fun without her groom.

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She wrote in her caption, “Even though the day didn't go to plan, I couldn't let the hard work that I put into this day and a good party go to waste. The day was filled with many laughs and a lot of tears.”



Stead is seen chatting and drinking around with her friend at the venue where her wedding was supposed to happen. 

All her bridesmaids and groomsmen seemed to have supported her decision as everyone had been present there. 

Just like every other bride, Stead walked down the aisle with her father, danced around at the reception and took wedding pictures with her friends and family.

For her wedding ceremony, Stead chose the song, “Good As Hell” by Lizzo when she was going to enter the venue. 

She explained, “This song carried me through the day and reminded me that ‘if he [doesn't] love you anymore just walk your fine a-- out the door’”

The bride still doesn't know why her ex left her before their wedding.

"I wish I knew," Stead told talk show hosts in a clip of an interview on UK TV that she shared to her own TikTok account.

"I still haven't heard from him regarding why he walked away."

She says she learned at 7 AM on the day of her wedding that her partner had left and she hasn't heard from him since — though his family has confirmed to her that he is safe.

The bride thanked her family in another TikTok video.



Just like every bride and groom have their first dance, Stead thought her moment would come too, however, she was unable to do that.

Instead, Stead got the chance to have her first dance with her brothers, dad and the groomsmen. She expressed her gratitude for all of them in the video and added clips of her dancing with her brothers and dad in the TikTok video.

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“I just wanted to give a moment to thank the great men who are in my life and who also carried me through one of my toughest days. My Dad and my brothers!” she wrote in her caption.

TikTok users commended the bride’s decision and applauded her for being so strong.

One user wrote, “You have the most positive and amazing attitude! Good things are gonna come your way with that smile like sunshine!”

Another user wrote, “Who needs a man when you have that incredible support network of [women] around you!!”

Another person wrote, “Girl, he did you a favor. Better you found out now and got to celebrate you, your power and strength with your true family and friends! Get it tiger!”

Many people were delighted to find out that the man’s groomsmen stayed for the ceremony and wondered whether the groom’s family was there too.

Stead commented that while the groom’s family members were there, they left soon as they found it difficult to stay.

While the bride had a breakup at one of the most unfortunate times, she didn't let that get to her and enjoyed her wedding day to the fullest.

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