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Bride And Groom Plan ‘Lavish’ Wedding They Can’t Afford — Beg Guests To Donate Money & Labor

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bride and groom celebrating wedding at reception with toast

A bride and groom were called "entitled" after begging their wedding guests to help out with the funds for their ceremony.

Posting to the subreddit  "r/weddingshaming" — a forum where users share stories of bizarre wedding incidents that have happened to them or someone they know — a woman shared an experience her husband had working a wedding.

In her Reddit post, she wrote that her husband creates wedding films for couples and recently worked a wedding for a bride and groom that the woman knew.

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The bride and groom planned a "lavish" wedding despite not being able to afford it.

The newlyweds had gotten engaged during their senior year of college despite neither them nor their parents being "in good financial situations."

They also didn't have any jobs lined up after graduation.

"They insisted that they wanted to beat their friends who were also getting married to the altar so they insisted they couldn’t wait a year to get married so they would be more stable," she wrote.

Because of that, the bride-to-be decided to go all out for a "lavish" ceremony, spending thousands of dollars for an elaborate venue, photography package, and even renting a Rolls Royce to drive them away after the ceremony.

However, after blowing through money they didn't have, the bride and groom turned to their wedding guests to help pay for the event — not in place of a wedding gift, but rather in addition.

"My husband was called and asked if he would donate his film services for free 'as a favor to a friend.' He knocked off $200 of the original price, because he’s nice. But refused to give them a free film."

This led to an argument erupting between her, her husband, and the couple, who argued that they "weren't really good friends and didn't love them," which didn't bother the woman, who acknowledged that they were more acquaintances than friends.

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On the day of the wedding, the bride became a full-blown "bridezilla."

When the day for the ceremony finally rolled around, the woman noted that the bride became insufferable.

She would yell at the photographers and the woman's husband over what kind of photos she wanted to be taken and even cried because the leaves were blowing into the train of her dress.

"[The wedding] ended up going 1.5 hours past their scheduled arrival time at the church. No cocktail hour so all the guests were sitting at tables hungry and bored," the woman recalled.

At one point, while on the dance floor, the groom accidentally ripped his rental tux jacket and hurried off to the bathroom to fix it before his bride saw.

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When the woman went to sit outside for a moment, the bride came bulldozing out and hurriedly asked where her husband had gone.

"No 'hi' or 'thanks for coming to my wedding' just her aggressive question. Not wanting to get between the bride and groom I just shrugged."

The bride then went on a rant about how "important" it was for her and the groom to dance to their song that was currently playing.

When the woman pointed out that it shouldn't be a big deal if they miss one dance, since they have the rest of their lives to dance together, the bride rolled her eyes.

"She rolled her eyes and said 'you don’t understand because you had a lame wedding.'"

Following the ceremony, the woman noted that many aspects of the bride's wedding felt reminiscent of her own.

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"Literally some of our mutual friends mentioned to me that her wedding seemed like a watered-down version of mine and my husbands," she pointed out.

She concluded her Reddit post by condemning the bride for speaking to her guests in such a rude way after asking them to help pay for her wedding.

"Needless to say if I see either of them at the grocery store and they mention how they’d love to come over for dinner I give a smile but promise nothing."

Reddit users reacted to the bride's "entitled" behavior under the woman's post.

"I wonder how far in debt they are. And they’ll probably get divorced within 5 years as well as file bankruptcy or just be miserable together," one user wrote.

Another user added, "What’s the point of “beating” others to the altar? What do they gain from that? It’s not NASCAR, it’s a marriage."

"I also think she was freaking out at her wedding [realizing] how much she'd spent, and how, no matter how 'good' her wedding was, it wasn't going to be worth the debt," a third user chimed in.

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