Bridesmaid 'Flips Out' When Bride Refuses To Change Wedding That Clashes With Her 30th Birthday

The bride already rescheduled it once before.

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Weddings aren’t the easiest thing to plan or schedule and one woman is realizing that more than others.

One woman is refusing to change her wedding due to a schedule conflict with her bridesmaid’s birthday and shared her story to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA-–hole” (AITA), a subreddit where users from across the internet ask for advice on a conflict in their lives.

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The woman refused to reschedule her wedding despite already rescheduling for her best man. 

She gives some much-needed context at the beginning of the story, saying the date was already set in 2024 but she and her fiance had to reschedule due to an issue with her best man. 

"This happens to be one of my bridesmaids' birthdays," she wrote.

"I jokingly texted her asking if she was okay with my wedding being moved to that date and she sort of flipped out. I did not expect her response. She started off by making comments like 'you better sing happy birthday to me and I expect a cupcake.'"

After a few hours, her friend sent her another text message saying how hurt she was about the situation.


She also reiterated that it feels like she can’t say no but this birthday is a big deal to her due to it being her 30th.

"I'm not angry but I am a little sad," she said. "I don't want to be selfish but I just wanted to say it because I didn't want to not say anything and let it fester."

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The woman gave some insight as to why she was so willing to reschedule for her best man but not the friend.

“He is already in another wedding that weekend out of town. He got the dates mixed up. He was willing to take an Uber after our wedding to make it to the next and we decided to move it he did not ask us to. He is a member of the groom's family so this one was non-negotiable.”


She also added that she’s made “several changes” to her wedding to “accommodate” her friend.

“She is really tight on money so I picked cheap bridesmaid dresses and I am covering the cost of her hair, makeup, hotel, etc. for the day,” she explained.

The woman also said she didn’t think it would be a big deal because the two never “made a big deal about our birthdays.”

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Reddit has collectively agreed she’s in the wrong for not accommodating her friend.

Many users all agree that the woman is in the wrong for not changing her date again.


“YTA. You already rescheduled once because someone in the wedding party had a conflict. You still have a conflict. Pick another date,” one user wrote.

Another user wrote that if the person was so important to put in her wedding party, she should be just as important to reschedule.

"YTA. If this person is important enough to you that you’ve put them in your wedding then it should be important to you that you honor her milestone bday," someone else wrote. "You changed the date for another member of your bridal party."

"Choose a different date that doesn’t fall on your friend’s birthday. Especially since you asked her and she told you she does care. Honestly, pretty crummy that you put her in that spot to begin with."


Luckily, in another edit, the woman decided to change the date for her friend.

“I would rather lose vendors/deposits than lose a friend so I will make the other date work,” she wrote.

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