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Woman Shares How She Reacted When Two Strangers Crashed Her Wedding On A Private Property

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When it comes to planning a wedding, everything has to be perfect, which is why it’s important for people to share the special occasion with the people they love.

If someone shows up when they aren’t supposed to be there, it can change things drastically.

Paige Hardy shared how she knew two guests crashed her wedding and kicked them out.

The guests attempted to go up and speak with the bride, but immediately blew their cover. 

The video was posted by the user Paige Hardy (@deconstruct_with_paige), who explains how they crashed her ceremony.

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Hardy takes us through the events leading up to the discovery of the wedding crashers.

She explains how the venue was set as her family’s ranch, which has been in the family for generations. 

She also explains how the venue is pretty far away, which means nobody just “stumbles by it.”

At the reception, she noticed a lively woman and her husband causing some commotion on the dance floor.

The two were clearly drunk, with even the wife grinding on some of the groomsmen.

Hardy says that the woman noticed her staring and came up to her, congratulating her on the ceremony and further trying to cover things up by saying, “you probably don’t remember me.”

“I think she thought that I would feel so bad that I couldn’t remember her that I just wouldn’t question it,” Hardy said. “What she didn’t realize is that I have severe social anxiety and felt so bad that I spent 30 minutes of my own wedding night figuring out who this woman was.”

Assuming the woman is on her husband’s side, Hardy asks her father-in-law if he knew the two.

After he stated he didn’t, she tried to get more information out of the woman by introducing her to her husband in the hopes she would spill her name.

When the two were introduced, the woman jokingly said, “If you hurt her, we’ll come after you.”

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Immediately, Hardy knew the woman wasn’t supposed to be there.

According to her, “if you knew my husband, you would never even suggest that.”

Hardy then enlisted the help of her wedding planner to figure out who the woman was and after getting the name, got her mother to help grab the sheriff to kick the two out — but it doesn’t end there.

She further explains how she and her husband had a magician at the wedding.

When she went up to go watch a trick, the woman followed closely behind and was enticed to pick out a card.

That’s when the sheriff showed up and kicked the two out, but the woman still had the card in her hand. 

“So the magician and our best man had to chase her down to get the card back.”

Paige received backlash for not allowing the two to stay.

After recounting her story, Paige had to make a follow-up video due to people being upset that she didn’t let the wedding crashers stay at her wedding.



“Honestly, I would’ve let them stay if they hadn’t been so dubious about it,” she said.

“And also if they hadn’t made themselves present in kind of private moments.”

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