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Wedding Photographer Gets Canceled On Days Before Wedding After Bride Marries Someone Else

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Katie Schroeder, a former wedding photographer, hopped on the app to share a mind-blowing story about a wedding that was canceled just days before the vows were exchanged.

The video opened with a clip from another user asking, “Does anyone have just some like… absolutely bananas wedding drama?”

Schroeder, who says she has photographed upward of 200 weddings, has a lot of wild stories to share but this one might just take the cake.

The wedding photographer says a surprisingly cheerful bride called to cancel the week of her wedding.

Schroeder was working in the office on Tuesday and got a call about a wedding that was supposed to take place on Saturday. The bride called to ask her to cancel the photography booking.



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Schroeder then asked the bride to email the cancellation because they had to have it in writing. She never expected the response she received.

“Now, typically when they cancel, especially the week of, their either very pissed or very sad. She wasn’t. She was happy. It was weird,” Schroeder says.

The following day, Schroeder got the cancellation email, but it came from the groom’s aunt who had paid for the photoshoot as a wedding gift.

The aunt told her that the wedding had been canceled because “The bride got married to someone else to someone else on Monday.”

Katie reiterated, “She got married to someone the same week she was supposed to marry someone else!”

At that point, the video ends, leaving viewers with many questions about the runaway bride.

One person wrote, “More, more, more, more!!” while another commented, “I wonder if Saturday was an arranged marriage and Monday was the true love ...I can see the hallmark movie now lol.”

Because of all the comments, Katie came back with a second video to answer some pressing questions from her audience.

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Referring to the situation as “double bride” she says that the wedding cancellation happened ten to twelve years ago and that she hadn’t met any of them.

She does provide context saying, “What I do know is that she was 18 and he was in the military, so not in town.”

She believes that the couple was planning for the groom to return home for the wedding, but the bride had created another relationship while he was away.

Like most people, Katie felt sorry for the groom. The company she worked for ended up returning all or at least most of the money paid for the photo shoot.

Apparently, it is not uncommon for engaged people to cheat while their partner is away. Someone commented, “Having been part of the military for many years I can attest that this is not a rare occurrence.”

Another person backed that claim up, stating, “This happens a lot from what I’ve heard. It’s so sad. I’d love to hear more stories though.”

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