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Video Of Bride's 'Dangerous' Wedding Entrance In A Chandelier Gets Mixed Reactions

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Wedding entrances are something that family members, the wedding party, and the bride and groom take into great consideration to impress their guests. 

One wedding entrance captured at a venue in India definitely made an impression on guests, yet had the Internet concerned. 

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The bride entered her wedding in a giant chandelier.

The video depicts a wedding taking place at a decorative venue. Guests look up in astonishment as the bride and her father enter the venue suspended from a giant chandelier designed to accommodate both of them. 

The chandelier moves forward on the ceiling, approximately 15 feet off the ground. 

The bride and her father look on as guests run forward to snap pictures and videos of the pair’s entrance. 

While the wedding guests appeared to be captivated by the father and daughter’s unforgettable entrance, other people on the Internet were not as impressed. 

Although the original video was deleted, Twitter user Faisi Zaka (@faisi_zaka), reposted the video to his account. 

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“Please don’t let this become a thing,” he captioned his post. Other Twitter users were on board with Zaka’s statement. 

Some people called out the family for flaunting their wealth. 

“I don't get why those who [are] rich keep raising the bar of expenditure over the girl's wedding to impress the world, and those who aren't that privileged feel burdened,” one Twitter user shared. 

“If one is so rich should prefer to spend on lavish dinners for the orphans/poor.” 

“Such show of wealth should be a punishable crime,” another user commented. 

Other Twitter users were concerned about the safety of the chandelier entrance. 

“It could land them out of the wedding and straight into the hospital,” one user wrote. 

“What if it falls down?!” one user asked. “What if it broke mid-air and they fell,” another user wrote. 

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Other Twitter users simply poked fun at the fact that the bride and her father’s entrance was over the top and unnecessary, comparing it to movie scenes and performers' entrances during award shows. 

“Looks like the opening scene from the next Mission: Impossible movie,” one user pointed out. 

“I can’t be the only one who finds this cringe right?? This reminds me of Taylor Swift and Panic at the Disco’s performance from Billboard 2019,” another user commented. 

Luckily, the bride and her father were uninjured during their stunt. However, if there are any other children in the family planning to get married anytime soon, they may want to consider a different entrance if they want to avoid Twitter backlash. 

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