Critic Labels Johnny Depp An ‘Incel’ For Appearing To Call Amber Heard A ‘Dog’ In New Song

The reviews are scathing.

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Johnny Depp's thoughts on Amber Heard appear to be a possible theme in his new album with Jeff Beck.

Depp's "18" is set to release this Friday however critics are already dissecting the music in some scathing reviews of two songs on which Depp is credited as a writer.

The lyrics of Johnny Depp's new songs seem to reference Amber Heard. 

UK newspaper The Times reports that the song "Sad Motherf—kin Parade" seems to possibly refer to Heard without mentioning her name with the lyrics, "You're sitting there like a dog with a seven-year itch. And I think you've said enough for one motherf—king night." 


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Seven-year itch is, of course, a common term for the restlessness that comes before the breakdown of a long-term relationship.

Depp first met Heard in 2009, began dating in 2011, married in 2015, and divorced 15 months later — meaning their entire relationship from their introduction to their split was seven years.

In another line, Depp sings, "if I had a dime, it wouldn't reach your hand."

The line may reference Depp and Heard's expensive legal back-and-forth over defamation accusations that drew to a close in May.


The Times slammed Depp's song, saying that it "sounds like it was written by an incel."

The pejorative description possibly stems from some of the anger that appears to be laced in the song's lyrics.

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The definition of 'incel' defined by Merriam Webster is a person (usually a man) who regards themselves as being involuntarily celibate and typically expresses extreme resentment and hostility towards those who are sexually active — typically this resentment is directed at women.


Depp's other song may refer to his downfall after Heard first accused him.

The second song written by Depp is titled, "This Is A Song For Miss Hedy Lamarr." The actor performed the song with Beck in May while touring the UK. The song possibly refers to his time when he lost a lot of support when Heard first accused him of domestic violence. 

"Erased by the same world that made her a star," Depp sings, "Spun out of beauty, trapped by its web."

In the chorus, Depp continues, "I don't believe in humans anymore."


The connection to Lamarr, an actress who dominated Hollywood in the 40s and 50s, is not immediately obvious. Perhaps Depp saw similarities in her; she fled from her husband and later secluded herself from the outside world in her later years.

In a statement, Beck explained the album's name saying, "When Johnny and I started playing together, it really ignited our youthful spirit and creativity. We would joke about how we felt 18 again, so that just became the album title too."

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