6 Unusual Rules Johnny Depp Allegedly Made Amber Heard Follow

She claims he tried to control her life.

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As Johnny Depp defamation trial against Amber Heard draws to a close, it will be up to a jury to deliberate the massive amounts of evidence on either side.

Online, it is impossible to get away from Depp's evidence about the many abusive things he claims Amber Heard did during their relationship.

We have seen experts weighing in on Ms. Heard's body language, tearless sobs, and much more. We've also heard of some of the bizarre rules that Heard allegedly made Depp follow.


But what about Depp? 

Here are 6 rules Johnny Depp allegedly made Amber Heard follow.

1. He allegedly asked Heard to assist him during his detox in August 2014

During the second day of the trial, Amber Heard was asked why she was present during Depp's detoxing in the summer of 2014, and responding to the question, Ms. Heard said, "because he asked me to."

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She then said it was "a stupid idea" and did not know why the doctors did not intervene.

2. He supposedly tried to keep her from working in films, she claims.

In Nov of 2014, Heard described difficulties with Depp, and when it came to roles for films, he would get upset when he learned about her taking meetings and auditions.


Heard says that when Depp found the script for a role sent to her to consider, he "blew up at me." 

NBC News reports the accusations went further, with Depp accusing Heard of attempting to sleep with the writer for these parts or accusing the director of having a motive because of an invitation to meet at home.

3. Johnny Depp allegedly hired a nurse to keep “tabs” on Amber Heard.

While testifying, Heard claimed that Depp introduced her to a doctor who assigned her a nurse to help with addiction issues.


Heard claimed that nurse was assigned as a "travel companion" who would "keep tabs" on her and report everything back to Depp's doctor, Dr. Kipper, who would report it to Depp.

4. He would not allow a prenup request.

Heard claims that Depp refused when she tried to ask him about a prenup request. 

While on the stand, Heard quoted Depp as saying about a prenup, "if you ever brought one up to me, I'd tear it up."

She claimed Depp told her, "the only way out of this is death." 


5. Johnny Depp allegedly tried to control what Amber Heard wore.

Heard told the court that Depp would make comments about her clothing and degrade her for dressing sexually.

"It was like, 'Oh, really? That's what you're wearing? No wonder you get cast in those roles,'" Heard said. "And it just continued. And then there would be a blowup."

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She also alleged that he would request access to scripts for her upcoming movies and review the wardrobe to ensure she wasn’t dressing inappropriately.

6. Amber Heard says Johnny Depp didn’t allow her to film sex scenes.

She claimed that the only reason she was allowed to act in the 2015 movie “Magic Mike XXL” was that she bargained with him and proved her character wouldn’t be sexualized, unlike others in the male stripper movie.


"I wasn't going to be playing a sexualized character," Heard said. "I wore minimal makeup in the movie — no sexy clothing, no kissing scenes, no sex scenes."

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