Fans Think Amber Heard Named Her Daughter After Movie That Inspired Johnny Depp’s Kids’ Names To Be ‘Connected’ To Him

Maybe it's a coincidence??

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Johnny Depp fans think that Amber Heard got her daughter's name from the same film that Depp allegedly also used to name his two children.

Depp has two children named Jack and Lily-Rose Depp from his relationship with Vanessa Paradis. Heard welcomed a daughter named Oonagh back 2021.

The former couple never had kids together but Depp's fans seem to think Heard is trying to find a connection with his children through her daughter's name


Amber Heard's daughter's name meaning may have a surprising link to the names of Johnny Depp's kids.

On Reddit, a user claimed that "Amber Heard named her child to be connected to Johnny," expanding on the thought by saying that Depp's children and Heard's daughter all have names that are featured in the 1985 film "Legend" starring Tom Cruise.

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The two main characters in the film are named Jack and Lili, the Reddit user points out. "There is another character, a fairy, that falls in love with Jack, can you guess what her name is?? Oonagh."

"Please tell me the chances of this because since learning this I am in awe at the level of obsession in this woman," they concluded.

The characters in the movie "Legend" are Jack (played by Tom Cruise), Lili (played by Mia Sara) and Oona (played by Annabelle Lanyon). 

Johnny Depp never explained the meaning behind his kids' names.

The theory may be a stretch since the actor has never once said he named his kids after characters from the 1985 movie.


There has been speculation that Depp decided to give his daughter, Lily-Rose, a double-barreled name in tribute to his mother, Betty-Sue, who also had a double-barreled name. Other fans claimed that Depp and Paradis came up with the name Lily-Rose on their own simply because they liked it.

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For Depp and Paradis's son, Jack Depp, his full name is John Christopher Depp III, and it is supposed to be a generational name since Johnny Depp's full name is John Christopher Depp II, who is named after his father.

Many fans assumed Depp's son goes by Jack because of Jack Sparrow, the prominent role Depp played in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise.


While Heard hasn't publicly spoken about the origin of her daughter's name, Oonagh, is pronounced "oo-na," and is said to be derived from the Irish word "uan," meaning lamb. It is also said to have roots in the Latin word for one—"unus"—so it is sometimes translated as "Unity."

However, the baby's middle name, Paige, seems to be a tribute to Heard's late mother, and Oonagh's grandmother, whose death was announced by Heard in May 2020.



In the comments section of the Reddit post, users reacted to the claim that Heard had named her baby in an attempt "to be connected" to Depp.


One user offered up a potential theory as to why Heard named her daughter Oonagh. "So actually [Amber's] sister was in a movie (random AF I know) and her [sister's] character was named Uma/Oonahh. And I think that’s where she got it from," they wrote.

Another user seemed to point out the absurdity of the claim, writing, "That’s a stretch to be fair."

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