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5 ‘Euphoria’ Plotlines That Are Still Unresolved After The Season 2 Finale

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With the season 2 finale for 'Euphoria' having come and gone, fans have been left with mixed feelings about where their favorite characters ended up.

While many fans praised the direction the show's creator, Sam Levinson, chose for the many plots in the season, other fans were still left unsatisfied with many unresolved plot lines. 

Throughout the season, many viewers voiced their apprehension with the weak storytelling, the excessive nudity, and certain characters not being fully fleshed.

While the cinematography, the amazing cast, and the unfiltered view of addiction, create a captivating world for 'Euphoria,' many feel as if that's not enough to distract from the show's overall weak writing at times.

Since 'Euphoria' has been renewed for another season, with rumors that it won't premiere until 2024, fans hope that certain unresolved plot lines will be addressed in season 3.

Here are 5 'Euphoria' plot lines that are still unresolved after the season 2 finale.

1. Who is Nate's third brother?

Probably one of the longest running plot holes in the show is the fact that Nate doesn't just have one brother, but that he has two.

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During season one, we saw a photo of Cal and Marsha with three children, and while two of them were confirmed to be Nate and Aaron, who is the third child?

In season two, we saw Cal take the picture of his family, where it still showed the three children, which implies that Levinson hadn't removed the unknown third child from the photo, and that it isn't a continuity error.

Up until this point, the show has not addressed if Nate has another brother, and where the other brother is. Fans have tried to theorize on social media who the other Jacobs' siblings could be, with many pointing fingers to either Elliot or Ashtray being the brother.

However, those theories were immediately debunked considering Elliot looks nothing like the Jacob's family, and Ashtray would be too young to be able to be Nate's other brother.

2. Are we ever going to see McKay again?

It seems as if McKay was pretty much erased from season two, preventing this character from being further fleshed out, a feat that has left fans confused.

In season one, McKay was one of the major characters, even getting his own backstory during a later episode in the season.

Except now, it appears Levinson has left his storyline unfinished.

Fans have been especially outraged to see McKay excluded from the season after he was disturbingly hazed by the brothers in the fraternity he had been pledging during the last season, a scene that bordered on sexual harassment. Many feel it is a disservice to sexual assault victims for this incident to be overlooked.

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We did end up seeing McKay again during the first episode of season two, but only for a brief moment as he talks to Cassie at the New Year's party, and then helps take Nate to the hospital after he gets beat up by Fez.

However, fans are wondering why he was written out of the rest of the season, and if we'll be seeing more of McKay in the third season. 

3. Will Rue have to pay Laurie back for the suitcase full of drugs?

In episode 3, Rue goes to Laurie with the intention of becoming a drug dealer, which ends up being a ruse so that she can just have an unlimited access to drugs.

Laurie ends up giving Rue a suitcase full of drugs that is worth $10,000, giving her a chilling warning that if Rue doesn't pay her back, there will be dangerous consequences.

However, in episode 5, Jules ends up telling Rue's mom that Rue is still doing drugs, and they end up flushing all of the pills that were in the suicase down the drain. Of course with all of the drugs now gone, Laurie made it pretty clear to Rue that she wants her money back.

The season finale didn't offer any indication that the whole suitcase debacle was settled, and it seems to have been pushed to the side, but hopefully not forgotten. It could end up being a major plot point for the third season, especially if Rue is still clean.

4. Has Kat gone back to being a cam girl?

By the start of season two, it seemed as if Kat had quit her secret life as a cam girl, trading it in for a serious identity crisis that was showed for a couple episodes during the beginning of the season and then never addressed again.

She broke up with Ethan in a rather bizarre, and cringy way, that was extremely un-Kat like, because she felt bored and unfulfilled in the relationship.

However, many fans are wondering if now that she is no longer with Ethan, does that mean she's going back to being a cam girl?

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During episode 7, we saw Kat dancing seductively in front of her dark computer, for what was probably a stranger, like she did in season one. She had even worn the same mask to hide her identity, prompting viewers to believe she was becoming season one Kat again. 

Since Kat's storyline was put on the backburner throughout seasson two, fans are hoping that Levinson doesn't do the same for season three.

5. What happened to Tyler?

One of the bigger moments of season one happened during the aftermath of Nate abusing Maddy at the carnival. Instead of admitting to it, Nate ended up blackmailing Tyler, the same boy that Maddy had been in the pool with during the first episode of season one.

While blackmailing Tyler to take the fall for the abuse against Maddy, he also blackmailed Jules to go to the police and lie about Tyler as well, after Nate pretended to be him while catfishing Jules.

The last we saw of Tyler, he had been walking into the police station, ready to confess, and was seemingly thrown in jail. However, we never got to see what Tyler's sentencing ended up being, or what he had been charged with, especially considering he was innocent.

It's extremely unlikely that Levinson will write Tyler back into season three, but it's still a question that fans are dying to have answered.

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