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‘Euphoria’ Fans Think The Show Has Already Foreshadowed What Will Happen To Dominic Fike’s Character ‘Elliot’

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Elliot, Euphoria

This article contains possible spoilers for season two of "Euphoria" — be warned!

“Euphoria” fans are continuing to come up with several theories surrounding the show's newcomer, Elliot who is played by musician Dominic Fike. 

Elliot's character was introduced in episode one of the show's second season.

We pick the series back up on New Year's Eve, several weeks after the end of the first season where we saw Rue relapse after four months of sobriety when her girlfriend Jules, played by Hunter Schafer, breaks up with her

The drama series is centered around the life of a 17-year-old drug addict Rue, played by Zendaya, and deals with several heavy topics such as abusive relationships, mental health, and more. 

Rue, having taken copious amounts of drugs, stumbles across Elliot in the laundry room of the New Year's Eve house party, where he is alone and taking drugs.

Since that first moment, the pair have entered into a somewhat toxic — but oddly endearing — friendship.

However, fans believe Elliot's time in Rue's life may be short-lived.

Will Elliot die in season two of 'Euphoria'?

'Euphoria' fans think Elliot is a parallel for Rue's dad. Hence, one of the more popular theories is that he will likely die — as Rue's father did before the show began

Rue, who is typically find socializing difficult, immediately feels a sense of comfort with Elliot. The only other male character we've seen Rue this close to is her father. 

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Fans are starting to think the pair will begin to form a closer relationship leading up to his overdose.

Rue and Elliot's first interaction may have foreshadowed their ending.

One of the reasons behind this theory is how Elliot saved Rue’s life in the first episode. 

A YouTube account, "Turtle With An Appetite" pointed out that while they were taking drugs together Rue says she may be going into cardiac arrest and needs him to check her pulse. 

This means if the theory is true their story would come full circle with him being to one who ends up dying.  

Their color stories become similar. 

The colors and hues that surround "Euphoria" characters in flashbacks and other scenes have been known to reflect their emotional states.

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As Rue and Elliot begin to grow closer their color stories appear similar and signifies a familiar bond which we have only ever seen with Rue’s father, according to Collective World. 

Also, TikTok account @euphoriatalk pointed out in the second episode it shows a scene of them dancing together, which looks almost identical to Rue dancing with her father. This can be seen as foreshadowing, as Rue is dancing with death.



Rue talked about loss with Elliot.

As the pair begin to connect, Rue opens up to him about how she believes loss is stronger than love and reveals she lost her father from cancer. 

Within the conversation Elliot asks if Rue thinks it is a good thing they are friends, because they may not bring out the best in each other. 

But, Rue reassures him that she is okay with that.

However, if Elliot were to pass Rue would have to directly confront loss and the effects of addiction. 

We will continue to have to look out for more clues but here’s to hoping they both make it out okay! 

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