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Why ‘Euphoria’ Fans Think The Nate, Cassie & Maddy Love Triangle Could End With A Pregnancy

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Sydney Sweeney, Jacob Elordi, Alexa Demie

‘Euphoria’ fans are continuing to come up with elaborate theories about season 2. 

At the center of the theories seems to be the messy love triangle between Nate, Cassie, and Maddy. 

Many fans believe one of the girls could end up pregnant with Nate’s baby. 

Will Cassie or Maddy get pregnant on Euphoria season 2?

Several viewers have begun decoding several hints with the teen drama which could be foreshadowing a pregnancy.  

In episode one, Maddy’s abusive ex-boyfriend Nate starts seeing her best friend Cassie behind Maddy’s back. 

However, in episode four, it seems as though Maddy and Nate are not entirely over.

Despite this Cassie, Maddy’s so-called best friend continues to have a secret relationship with Nate. 

Cassie becomes incredibly emotional and says she will do anything in her power to keep them apart. 

Is Cassie pregnant in 'Euphoria' season 2?  

Fans are worried Cassie will now get pregnant to trap Nate — and it actually makes sense. 

In episode 2 while Nate is in the hospital he fantasizes about a life with Cassie, and the actress Sydney Sweeney can be seen wearing a prosthetic pregnancy bump.  

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Not only that, in episode four Cassie throws up at the mention of babies by Maddy in the hot tub scene. 

Now, many fans believe that Nate will fall into the same situation as his father Cal.

Nate’s mother Marsha got pregnant with his older brother Aaron before Cal could come out as  gay and be with his best friend Derek who he had romantic feelings for. 

Cal felt the need to stay with Marsha for their family, which could be what’s happening between Cassie and Nate. 

One Euphoria fan page tweeted, "No cause what if Cassie gets pregnant the same way Marsha did and Nate ends up stuck just like Cal before he gets the chance to come out." 

As seen in season one, Nate also has a complicated relationship with his sexuality. 

However, there is also a theory that Maddy is pregnant. 

Is Maddy pregnant in 'Euphoria' season 2? 

There seem to be several hints that Maddy may be the one who ends up pregnant with Nate’s baby.

For instance, in episode two Maddy becomes a babysitter for a seemingly wealthy family. She then later tells Kat "I feel like I would look so sexy pregnant."

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Kat quickly tells her to please not get pregnant, but this could be foreshadowing her fate. 

Also, Sydney Sweeney revealed on The Late Late Show with James Corden, that Alexa Demie, who plays Maddy accidentally broke her toe during filming. 

This could mean there is an upcoming fight scene between the three of them. 

Maddy, who will likely be furious, could then get pregnant to get back at Cassie. 

One Twitter user brought up a good point and said, “i have a feeling maddy's gonna find out she's pregnant so history repeats itself because nate definitely doesn't want to become a father but maddy wants to keep it and that's why they're showing us she has a babysitting job and that she's actually really good with kids.” 

If Nate wants to be with Cassie, but Maddy gets pregnant, this would also directly mirror Cal’s unfortunate backstory. 

With the season almost halfway over it remains to be seen how this love triangle will play out.

What do you think will happen? 

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