‘Euphoria’ Star Alexa Demie Has An Odd Connection To Charles Manson

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Hollywood newcomer, Alexa Demie seems to have a bizarre connection to criminal and cult leader Charles Manson. 

Demie is best known for her role as Maddie Perez on the HBO hit series "Euphoria" and while she was relatively unknown before this role, it turns out her family does have some famous and infamous connections.

Manson led a cult in California in the late 1960s known as the Manson family. Some of it's members committed nine murders in the state during that time. 


A viral TikTok has unearthed a friendship between Manson and one of Demie's relatives.

Alexa Demie is connected to Charles Manson through her grandfather, Dennis Wilson.

Born Alexa Demie Wilson Vanerstrom, her parents are Rose Mendez and Scott Wilson Vanerstorm.

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Demie has said her mom mostly raised her from the time she was eight years old and on. But she still keeps a relationship with her father. 

However, what many may not know is that Scott was the stepson of Dennis Wilson — co-founder of the Beach Boys. 


Dennis Wilson was friends with Charles Manson. 

In the now trending TikTok video, true crime creator Rae Spirits makes the connection between Demie and Manson. 

Spirits says, “some of Manson’s family even lived in Wilson’s house. They worked on music together and he introduced Manson to some of his connections in the industry.” 



According to Cheat Sheet, a year before the Manson family killed Sharon Tate, Leno and Rosemary Labianca, and others in 1969, Manson had moved to California to pursue a career in music.  


One night Wilson had returned home to a bus in his yard, which belonged to Manson and his followers. 

Wilson reportedly wondered if Manson would hurt him to which he responded, “Do I look like I’m going to?” and proceeded to kiss Wilson’s feet. 

From then on, the two formed a friendship and Manson and his female followers began living in Wilson’s house.

However, their relationship began to deteriorate after Manson allegedly pulled a knife out during a recording session at the Beach Boys recording studio. 

Charles Manson and Dennis Wilson stopped being friends after some time.

Wilson then moved out of the house and things began to escalate when Manson’s songs appeared on the Beach Boys albums. 


According to BBC, Wilson took writing credit for his song Cease To Exist and transformed it into the Beach Boys song, Never Learn Not To Love. 

Wilson gave Manson a one-off payment and motorcycle in exchange for the song rights. 

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However, in response Manson left a bullet on Wilson’s drum set. 

"'I gave Dennis Wilson a bullet, didn't I? I gave him a bullet because he changed the words to my song,’ Manson later told US TV presenter Diane Sawyer in an interview” BBC reported. 

Wilson did still however introduce Manson to record producer Terry Melcher in May of 1969. 


However, the producer declined to work with him after watching him perform. 

Then, the first killings occurred just two months later in July. Manson sent three members to kill Gary Hinman. 

Then on August 8, Manson sent four members to Melcher’s house, however film director Roman Polanski now had possession of the property. 


But, the gang continued to break into the home and killed four people. 

Manson was later convicted in 1971 after a seven month trial according to CNN. 

Although Manson was originally sentenced to death, the penalty was eliminated and Manson spent his life in prison where he died at the age of 83. 

However, Wilson had died in 1983 at the age of 39. Did you know Alexa Demie had this family connection?

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