4 Zodiac Signs Receive Signs From The Universe On July 7, 2024

Maybe we just needed a 'sign' to get us moving...

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On Sunday, July 7, 2024, everywhere we go we see 'signs,' and four zodiac signs will definitely pick up on hidden meanings. The truth is that these signs are there for a reason — and if they lead to good things, then we should definitely be taking heed.

Moon conjunct Mercury is like the delivery system for such messages from the universe, and we will find that we're being prodded and nudged here or there to fulfill some kind of destiny. 


Maybe we just needed a 'sign' to get us moving or something that gives us that final push — well, that's what Sunday is all about. So, get your best ears and eyes on because four zodiac signs are about to pick up on something very special.

4 zodiac signs receive signs from the universe on July 7, 2024
1. Leo

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There's been something on your mind for a long time now, Leo, and while it's been eating at you, you still haven't quite figured out what you're going to do with this information. But during the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, you'll feel as if you are being divinely guided, and the answer will definitely come to you on Sunday, July 7, 2024.

It may come in the most mundane of ways, but the sign that you will receive pushes you over the edge. The days of long, drawn-out confusion will come to an end, and all because this one little sign tells you all you need to know and you are the only person who can tell what it means to you and why.

Perhaps you put out a beacon and now, through Moon conjunct Mercury, the universe is answering you and giving you the guidance you require. Expect miracles on this day, as July 7 is here to show you that you are not alone and that if it's all about making a choice, then you can do it, and you will know what to do, at this time.

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2. Libra

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On July 7, you will receive a sign from the universe that tells you that whatever mission you are on, you're doing the right thing. You may not be as popular for your ways of thinking as you'd like to be, but there's something that rings true about whatever you are doing. 

During Moon conjunct Mercury, you'll get a sign that tells you you're on the right path. Moon conjunct Mercury is the great delivery system, as mentioned, and you'll pick up on what's being delivered to you quite rapidly and with very little confusion. That's the whole point here: to rid yourself of doubt and confusion. The sign you receive from the universe on July 7 will clear it all up for you.


The sign you receive is confirmation that what you're doing, no matter how others feel about it, is your decision and yours alone. After all, Libra, this is your life we're talking about here. And if you've been on the fence about acting up, then this is the day you see that your instincts are on the mark.

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3. Sagittarius

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The sign you will receive on Sunday, July 7 comes to you in a meditation, which means you are someone who has taken to looking within for answers. That's a very good thing, too, as Moon conjunct Mercury works well for the one who looks within and stays open to the powers of the universe.

What you'll know at this point is that if you are to find peace, then you need to be peace. If you are troubled by the world and all of its division, then you must step aside and be an example of love and unity. You may disturb others by being so peaceful, as this is a time of turmoil here on Earth, but what you receive in meditation is a sign that tells you to stay true to yourself, Sagittarius.

Staying true to yourself means being the peace you want to see in the world and the love you want the world to experience. In your mind, there is no fighting for peace, and no need to take sides for the sake of love. You are the peace and you are the love, and all flows well in your world as you feel the universe exists inside you, as well as 'out there.'

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4. Capricorn

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When you receive a sign from the universe on July 7, you might second guess it since it's not what you expected, yet it rings true. All of your life you've been a fighter and you've felt the need to stand up for what you believe in — and you've seen great success. Yet, during Moon conjunct Mercury, something is telling you to "lay down your sword" so to speak, and you will take this to heart.

It's very clear to you that you've put in a good amount of hard work in the name of love, and yet, the new work is only beginning — and that is the work of peace and self-satisfaction. It's a hard world out there and you've done much good by it, but there's also a time for rest, and the universe is giving you the sign to do so now.


You have been noticed, and this allows you to understand that everything is in a flux state. You can act and you can rest, and the sign you'll receive on July 7 tells you it's time to retreat if only for a while. Sometimes you need to be told to rest, Capricorn, as working hard is so much a part of your nature, so listen to the signs.

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