3 Zodiac Signs Break Free From The Past On July 6, 2024

We are more than the memory we have of ourselves.

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On July 6, 2024, three zodiac signs will recognize something within themselves, and that is what will set the machine in motion, so to speak. Our horoscopes tell us that this Moon-Uranus transit above is what's going to make all of this happen, and this is going to lead to much liberation, meaning we are about to break free from our past.

While we may have built ourselves worlds that contain much to break free from, we can probably trace it all back to one or a couple of incidents that occurred in the past. For whatever reason, we just couldn't rip ourselves free from this occurrence, and we've started to notice that this isn't right, nor is living in the past doing us any good.


What the planet Uranus does for us on Saturday is help us recognize that we are more than the memory we have of ourselves; we may have convinced ourselves that 'this is who we are' only to realize during the present Moon-Uranus transit that we are more than the limits we placed upon ourselves. 

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This is a huge revelation for three zodiac signs who break free from the past on July 6, 2024.

1. Gemini

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You've been told a thousand times that you have to let go of the past, and the only thing those words have ever done for you makes you feel oppressed and pressured to do something unnatural, as you feel that, yes, you've been tied to the past, but no, you weren't ready to let go or break free. You'll do this on your terms, not because you are pressured into doing so.

On July 6, however, you'll feel that the universe is opening up for you and that there is a natural pause that you are being made aware of and it comes to you via the power of this Moon-Uranus transit, and with it comes the idea that it's time to break free. The past is now ready to be left behind.

This is huge, Gemini, and only you know just how big a move this is, and it really isn't anyone else's business. You don't care that 'everyone else knew this would eventually happen' because it had to be 'true' to you and you alone. And on Saturday, July 6, you'll know you are officially at the breaking-free point. Good for you, Gemini.

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2. Virgo

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July 6 marks a day of freedom for you, as the Moon-Uranus transit shows you that you need to follow your heart and where your heart happens to be taking you, Virgo, is to a place where the past no longer exists. Sure, you have your own personal history, but that doesn't mean you must stay there; this is the day you remove yourself from a past that clutches way too tightly to you.

You now feel as though you've learned all you can and that things are starting to become redundant. That's not to say that your time spent attached to the past was fruitless; it wasn't. In fact, you learned much, but it's during the Moon-Uranus transit that you realize it's time to break free. And so, you do.


There is one person in particular whom you've held on to, and they absolutely do you no good in this life or the past, and because of the way things are looking right now, you feel ready to sever your connection to them once and for all. This is where you start to experience the true freedom of who you are, in the now moment.

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3. Capricorn

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When you break free on Saturday, July 6, it's not going to simply be in the mind, but in body as well. What this means is that you have been in a relationship with someone who basically represents a life's worth of past behavior, and you feel that the two of you are now at a juncture, and something has to give.

You both agree that you are no longer being constructive and that during this Moon-Uranus transit, it might be best to call it quits. If this is a love relationship, then the only reason you may both want to break free is because you both recognize that you're no longer good to each other. That's the breaking point.

You want to give yourself a chance in this life, and while you are grateful for all the ups and downs that you've seen in this soon-to-be done with relationship, you know that there's still so much life to live, and to be there for the present and the future, you must break free from the past.


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