Joy Returns For 3 Zodiac Signs After Moon Square Neptune On July 4, 2024

We are now free to have ourselves a good time.

Joy Returns For 3 Zodiac Signs After Moon Square Neptune On July 4, 2024 Anni Roenkae from Pexels, olga-z | Canva Pro

July 4 usually registers in us as a time when the heat is on, and somebody's flipping burgers over there by the lemonade. Still, there's much more to this day, and our astrology tells us that at least three zodiac signs will notice something ... joyful about the day in general.

This day brings us the transit of the Moon square Neptune. What this means for three zodiac signs is that we've worked something out in our minds that allows us freedom. In other words, we've gotten over something that held us back, and because we took the time to work it out, we are now free to have ourselves a good time.


We might even say that joy returns to our lives in such a way that we are not the only ones who notice. Our good moods are infectious and enthusiastic. We are the life of the party, and others enjoy our presence. 

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Moon square Neptune marks the end of the troubled mind and the beginning of a new awakening towards joyfulness for three zodiac signs on July 4, 2024.

1. Taurus

Joy Returns For 3 Zodiac Signs After Moon square Neptune On July 4, 2024 Anni Roenkae from Pexels, olga-z | Canva Pro

If ever there was a day that made you feel like something had clicked inside you, letting you know that it's all going to be OK, it happened. Sure, the mood is pretty good everywhere you go, but this is different. You can't help but feel ... joyous. Your heart is lighter, and your attitude is unburdened.

What's happened is that during the transit of Moon square Neptune, you come to know that you've done as much thinking as you can and that whatever was burdening you is now something you can officially equate with the past. This is a time for rejoicing, as you have finally completed something in your life, and there's no looking back.


This, of course, means that you can join the party. On July 4, the 'party' is both literal and figurative. You can spend quality time with friends and family, kicking up a storm of a good time, and you can privately reflect on all that is good in your life, as it is very good during Moon Square Neptune. You made it, Taurus. The joy has returned.

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2. Virgo

Joy Returns For 3 Zodiac Signs After Moon square Neptune On July 4, 2024 Anni Roenkae from Pexels, olga-z | Canva Pro


Well, you put in the time, and now you can experience the payoff. In your case, Virgo, this looks like joy returning to your life after a hard spell. It's July 4, and whether you're attending a backyard party or just sitting on your couch, binging dramas, it matters not, as this day's transit of Moon square Neptune has you finally coming to terms with the idea that if joy is to return, then it's you who must make it happen.

That's exactly what you do, Virgo. The days of regret and shame are over. You are no longer content to wallow in misery, and you've also noticed that doing so gets you nowhere. Life has become this mysterious challenge for you, and in all the right ways. You want to be a part of it all and welcome in the experience of joy.

Moon Square Neptune can unlock you and set you free from the stress you've held on to. On Thursday, you will accept that this really is your fate. You are free to feel joy and laughter. You are free to be yourself, and you are free to experience life as a very positive and beautiful thing. Yay, Virgo!

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3. Scorpio

After a long period of self-reflection and attachment to past woes, you finally see the light, Scorpio, and it shines on you so brightly that you can't deny its power. You are experiencing Moon square Neptune. On Thursday, you will feel the festive mood within you and be a part of it all, and it will feel joyous.

This is the time when you welcome back into your life the things you used to love doing. For whatever reasons, you've denied yourself certain pleasures. Now, on July 4, you see no reason as to why you'd hold off. We aren't talking about harmful indulgences, though. We are looking right at how you've kept yourself from experiencing the joy of simple things.

Joy is such an underrated word. We throw it away as if it belongs only to grand holidays and speeches, but the truth is, we are born in joy, and we have the right to live in joy, as well. This experience is broad-ranging this 'life' thing. You, Scorpio, will see it all as one big, bold, beautiful journey that is worthy of the joy it brings.


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