3 Zodiac Signs Find Clarity And Direction On July 1, 2024

Let's bypass the complexity and the drama.

 Zodiac Signs Find Clarity And Direction On July 1, 2024 George Milton from Pexels, Demolab, Katrinelly | Canva

On July 1, 2024, the Sun is going to align with the Moon, which is going to align with Venus. Are we complicated enough yet? Well, astrology tells us that 'complication' is exactly what we're going to go past at this time, as this mixture of transits definitely sets us on a course for clarity and direction. Ooh, well, that's a nice touch.

Monday, or shall we say "Venus Monday," is going to be like none other, in so much as this is the day we know, with all of our hearts, that what we're doing, who we're loving, and what we're feeling is right on the money. We feel good about life on July 1, and we feel secure in our choices. We know what we want, and we know how to make it so.


On Venus Monday, which is not your usual astrological term but is definitely one we will use on July 1, three zodiac signs will understand that if we stay the course and trust our original gut feeling on something, we will find that we've been right all along. 


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Three zodiac signs learn on July 1, 2024, that this new strong feeling of clarity and direction is exactly the stuff that's going to lead us to even better places.

1. Gemini

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It takes a get-together of the Sun, Venus, and the Moon to set you on the right track. In your case, Gemini, this means clarity and direction are your next stop. Whoa, could you ever use such a blessing as you feel you have been all over the place, rudderless and scattered as of lately? You always get it back together, but on July 1, you get a real idea of what you need to focus on.


It's the Venus energy that works on your heart, which is something you've been denying for a while. What this means is that you've had your heart set on something, but you've let distraction carry you away, thinking that you shouldn't be as focused on matters of the heart and that 'other things' take precedence.

That's where July 1 changes it all up for you, Gemini, and points you in the direction that gives you the most joy. New month, new you, as they say, and you'll be trusting your heart more during July, mainly because this first day is here to help you chart your course. Direction and clarity. Thank you, 'Venus Monday.'

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2. Leo

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You have decided that 2024 is going to be the year of transformation. Now that we're almost in Leo season, and it's the middle of the year, you want to see results. To stir up the universe's empathy, you make the moves to clear your mind and get on with it all. You are decisive and direct, and you are being guided by Venus when it aligns with the Sun.

What's happening this Monday is an acknowledgment of the renewal you plan to see through to the very end. You are no longer interested in dawdling or procrastinating, as you feel that time is definitely of the essence, and you want things done NOW. All it takes for you is a commitment to a decision, and zoom — off you go.

When it comes to strength and courage, there's no one like you, Leo, and this sometimes means taking on a challenge that requires ultimate focus and clarity. You'll receive this kind of clarity on Monday, July 1, and it will act as an engine of goodness for you throughout the rest of the year.

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3. Aquarius

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There are certain things that you'd rather not look at, Aquarius, because if you did, you'd see something about yourself that you don't like. That's where things change up during this Venus-Sun transit. What's taking place on Venus Monday is that you will decide to look without turning away, and what you'll see is someone who needs change, and you'll accept it.

This is huge, Aquarius, as it's scary and defiant, but all of it is for the good of your life. You are no longer content to stay the same, as change and transformation beckon. Venus Monday delivers to you a state of clarity you've never known before, and all you want now is to pursue the truth. This truth will unblock you and let you live your life in peace, with a joyous heart.


You no longer cling to the complexity of having to explain yourself to yourself. You sold yourself a package of falsehoods that no longer ring true. You want that peace; you want that open heart. You want that happiness, and the only way you'll get it is by accepting that you need to look at yourself with a clear vision. That is what July 1, 2024, offers you, Aquarius: clarity, focus and direction.

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