2 Zodiac Signs Experience Significant Abundance On July 7 When The Moon & Mercury Align In Leo

Let your intuition guide you to more abundant opportunities.

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The Moon and Mercury will merge energies in Leo on Sunday, July 7, prompting a deeper sense of intuition and the courage to follow it. Two zodiac signs will experience significant abundance under this energy.

The Moon reigns over your emotional self while Mercury helps you communicate with greater skill. As these two planetary bodies unite in Leo, you will feel greater audacity listening to that inner voice that is too often quiet. Take this time to heed the call of your intuitive side and boldly forge your own path in life.


There is no one right path to follow. Instead, it's about opening yourself up to the discovery of life and the magic that occurs when you leave space for the unexpected. Embrace your fearlessness today and allow yourself to show up as simply yourself, no matter where you might be, so that you don’t miss a single abundant opportunity from the universe that just may change your whole life.

2 zodiac signs experience significant abundance on July 7, 2024

1. Sagittarius

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Sagittarius, you don't like anything more than being free to explore and experience life, so why have you been limiting yourself? There is no point in talking yourself into a life that you know in your heart doesn’t resonate with you, especially with abundant opportunities on the horizon. But to reach your fate, you must follow your own path and remember that only you know what life you are meant to live.

The Moon and Mercury in Leo will create a dynamic energy for you on Sunday, July 7. Don't focus solely on leaving behind obligations of life, but also on travel opportunities or that spiritual retreat you’ve been considering. 

It doesn’t matter if anyone approves or even if you go alone, as you are sure to meet new beneficial relationships on this journey. The goal of Moon and Mercury is to return you to your inner knowledge and encourage boldness in deciding what you want for yourself — even if it means having to leave behind the life you thought you’d live.


Venus was retrograde in Leo last summer around this time, so you may find that you are revisiting certain themes from that period. Try to remember that the abundance you seek will not be found in talking yourself into merely accepting what you are offered. Instead, you must trust yourself, lean into your divine intuition and make the decisions that resonate with your heart.

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2. Scorpio

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Oh, Scorpio, does the universe have a treat in store for you! You’ve been feeling as if there were a lot of unknowns in your life recently, which of course occur in moments of great transformations — but it has been your career that you’ve been most concerned about. While this is natural as you not only crave success, but need financial independence to follow your dreams, all of that worry is about to come to an end as you receive a brilliant new offer.

On Sunday, July 7, Moon, and Mercury will unite in Leo, helping you to receive that new offer or promotion that you’ve been working for. This new role or position will bring not only greater recognition into your professional life but also an increased sense of wealth. 

The important aspect to be mindful of is that you will have to make this decision based on your intuition, not logic. There might be parts of this offer that you feel uncertain about, such as the need to learn something new, work more diligently, or even relocate. But the universe never gives you anything that you aren’t ready for, so try to be open to not only receive but also give a resounding 'yes!' to your destiny.

Last summer around this time, Venus was retrograde in Leo, which means there were likely shifts and reviews occurring in your career. Since that time, not only have you been working hard, but you’ve also been reflecting more on your long-term goals, and how to get ahead. 


But now as Moon and Mercury meet in Leo, there will finally be a payoff for all of your hard work that will allow you to open up your life in new ways and feel greater confidence in this phase of transition.

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