4 Zodiac Signs Encounter Good Luck On June 26, 2024

We make the very best out of what is already very good.

4 Zodiac Signs Encounter Good Luck On June 26, 2024 Sketchify via Canva/Ann's Archetype from Ann Design | Canva Pro

June 26 offers us good luck and great news. While we might not be expecting this to take place, we will surely be glad it's coming our way. Astrologically, we're looking at what four zodiac signs bring to the transit of Moon trine Venus and how we make the very best out of what is already 'very' good news.

It does seem that we are about to take a turn for the better, and when we are able to acknowledge this, we win. It's almost as if Moon trine Venus puts us in a situation that demands we recognize how fortunate we are, and the minute we do, the flow of abundance becomes even stronger. 


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Four zodiac signs encounter good luck on June 26, and yes, we are ready for it.

1. Leo

Leo Zodiac Signs Encounter Good Luck On June 26, 2024 Gambar Pastel Studio, Blixa 6 Studio | Canva Pro

After a long period of concern and worry, you might feel as though this day offers you a break from all that. During Moon trine Venus, you will encounter some good fortune in the form of a message that comes from a stranger. This is one of those days where one good thing leads to another, and by the time you go to sleep, you feel hopeful and happy about how things are starting to shape up.


What's best about how Moon trine Venus works in your life is that so much of your good luck comes unexpectedly, putting a smile on your face this Wednesday. It's nice to think that you have leveled out to such a degree that the smallest of kindnesses really make your day. Yet, you'll see this happen in very special ways.

There's a feeling of optimism in the air, and if one thing leads to another, you might find yourself believing again in something you let go of simply because it didn't work out for you at the time. Now, all things seem very possible to you, Leo, and you'll see that this day presents you with an excellent opportunity for more.

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2. Libra

Libra Zodiac Signs Encounter Good Luck On June 26, 2024 Gambar Pastel Studio, Blixa 6 Studio | Canva Pro


Keep in mind that it's not only the Moon that is trine with Venus today, but that the Sun is trine Venus as well. You, Libra, may find that June 26 is all about luck and love. If you've been crushing on someone, then this is when you make your move. If you've wanted someone in your life to know how you feel about them, then Moon trine Venus is telling you to strike while its iron is hot.

You will encounter a spell of good luck at this time as this is so much of what you need. Courage is made available to you during these kinds of positive Venus transits. You'll want to be there for them, in body, mind, and soul. Leave your fear at home for this one, Libra...there's gold out there, and this day offers you passage to find it.

When life hands you lemons, make the best and sweetest lemonade you can, and know that when handed luck, you can put yourself in an even better situation than the one you have right now. So, if love is what you want, and it's right in front of your face, dedicate yourself to experiencing it this Wednesday.

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3. Scorpio

Scorpio Zodiac Signs Encounter Good Luck On June 26, 2024 Gambar Pastel Studio, Blixa 6 Studio | Canva Pro

Don't let yourself get into too deep a rut, Scorpio, because as of Wednesday, June 26, you will come into some good fortune. If your attitude is on point and you're ready to receive this kind of good luck, you might stand to make something big out of it. This transit, Moon trine Venus, which falls today, has the potential to change your life.

The kicker here is that you have to be open to it and recognize that your life can be improved. You may feel that you're fine 'as is,' but when faced with a positive change, you may also come to realize that, yes, indeed, things could be better. During the Moon trine Venus, it's almost a promise.


That means that it's all up to you in the long run. You will encounter good luck and can take it or leave it. Being that this luck will cheer you up, you'll be in more of a receptive state than you usually are. This may open the doors to newer and brighter situations for you, Scorpio. Go with the luck, and believe in it.

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4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs Encounter Good Luck On June 26, 2024 Gambar Pastel Studio, Blixa 6 Studio | Canva Pro


You see luck happen right in front of your eyes on June 26. When it happens, your reaction will be both pleasant and calm. This is what you've become: a person of benevolence and kindness. So when you encounter good luck, you are both grateful and accepting.

During the transit of Moon trine Venus, you'll see that it's quite easy to recognize that you are walking into a place of great good fortune, but you are also not attached to the outcome. You will survive no matter what, as you are finally in that place in your life where you take the good with the bad. However, that doesn't stop you from enjoying good luck, which is what you will experience on Wednesday.

Luck comes to you through acceptance and peace in the heart. You are not tempted to control nor are you interested in being controlled. In your Sagittarius world, luck looks like getting to do what you want without interruption or unnecessary drama. This is a peaceful day for you, and the luck you encounter is the kind that allows you to continue as is.


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