3 Zodiac Signs Whose Lives Drastically Improve On June 20, 2024

Sun square Neptune is going to wake us up and help us to help ourselves.

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June 20, 2024, shows us that not only can we make a rough situation into something much better, but we can literally pluck ourselves out of a situation that needs improvement and take it all the way to the top. When we look to astrology for guidance this Thursday, we will see that our main helper is Sun square Neptune. This is what's going to wake us up and help us to help ourselves.

We may feel we need more than just a 'better attitude,' in fact, it's during Sun square Neptune that we can't help but see that we need way more than just a shift in perspective; we need a full-on overhaul, personality-wise. Neptune's energy works on how we see ourselves, and when the Sun gets involved, our whole lives can be exposed. There's no escaping the truth on June 20, and while that might sound 'scary' at first, it's actually the liberating agent for these three zodiac signs. We're changing for the better, and there's no looking back.


Let's face it: we need change, and the only one who's really capable of making that happen is ourselves. Knowing this is as good as owning it. During Sun square Neptune, we own and make good of this reality. We're looking at drastic improvements in love, health, and family matters. While we're there, we'll throw an upgrade in mental health in there as well. Sweet.

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June 20, 2024 is when it happens: Lives drastically improve for Aries, Virgo and Scorpio:

1. Aries

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During the transit of Sun square Neptune on June 20, you, Aries, will learn that it was a great idea to trust your gut and finally decide to change that one thing in your life. This is when everything starts making sense to you, and while you suspected it all along, the tides have turned in your favor.

You will receive the rewards now because you've put in the effort. While you know it's only logical to put in the work and benefit from such focus, you aren't expecting things to go 'this well.' Thursday is a good luck day for you, Aries, and it shows you that what you put into the world tends to radiate throughout in positive ways that come back to you.

You may not have expected things to go this well, but you are entirely prepared for it. You only wish to live a life in peace, with love, family, health, and all things financial in balance. During the Sun square Neptune transit of the day, you'll get to see that all of this didn't come from anywhere: you created it, Aries. Now give yourself that pay on the back. Well done!

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2. Virgo

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There's a very good and logical reason why your life is about to improve drastically. That is because, recently, you've had a revelation. You plan on making good on the information the universe has blessed you with. You have only recently come to accept certain things in your life, which implies that you've given up the fight.

This is correct, Virgo. We tend to think that 'the fight' is everything, but during the transit of Sun square Neptune, we come to see that what we've been so adamant about fighting for is only depleting us of the vital energy we need to go about our every day. This is a major realization for you, and on June 20, you'll feel that 'drastic improvement' looks like a reservoir of positive energy.


At this point, the world opens up for you. OK, so you did your part and played your role as the defender of whatever it is you fought so hard for. You have also come to understand that you have only this life and that you did your part. Now it's time to enjoy that energy you have. You will treat this day as one that delivers new beginnings and fresh new starts.

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3. Scorpio

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When the Sun square Neptune enters your life, it shows you what you've been wasting your time doing and what is worth continuing on with. This is a very good thing, Scorpio, and it's something you've needed. You focus very hard on completing something and sometimes don't know when to stop.

In this case, stopping is not something you can even slightly consider a failure. In fact, when you end a certain something on June 20, you will suddenly feel the rush of freedom that comes along with it. This freedom is enough to change your life and let you know that it has to be this drastic for you to pay attention to it.

This is one of those pinpointing transits showing you it's time to call it quits. You did your part, and you got so much done, but spending a lifetime doing the same thing now looks like a way to avoid other, more productive things. On Thursday, June 20, you will open the door to many more opportunities that promise happiness, freedom, and love.


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