4 Zodiac Signs Receive Blessings From The Universe On June 17, 2024

The Scorpio Moon helps us to clear our minds and focus on the positive.

 Zodiac Signs Receive Blessings From The Universe On June 17, 2024 swissmediavision from Getty Images Signature, abidahdesign, Visual Content | Canva Pro

Monday, June 17, opens the doors to a new way of thinking for four zodiac signs, and it will be at this time when we really come to understand that we are just as entitled to receiving universal blessings as the next person. This day marks a new path for many of us and shows us that not only are we destined for greatness but that the forces of nature are most definitely on our side.

We've got a few astrological transits that let us know in no uncertain terms that we are the beholders of great and meaningful blessings bestowed on us from the universe itself. The Moon is in Scorpio, which helps us to clear our minds so that we can see that we are, indeed, available to this energy. We are also privy to the Moon trine Venus, which adds a loving touch to the scenario.


These four zodiac signs will benefit most on June 17, 2024, by receiving gifts from the universe.

1. Cancer

While Mercury in your zodiac sign of Cancer adds to your feeling of being protected or 'watched over,' June 17, 2024, you will come to know this because of the transit, Moon in Scorpio, which is here to hone your instincts and let you know that if blessings are being doled out, you had better open your heart to receive them.

You are part of the package on Monday, Cancer, and you'll come to experience a sense of deep gratitude for all you have and all that is promised to you now. Something you've wished for is seemingly being granted to you during the Moon in Scorpio, and you'll perceive this action as a true blessing, indeed.


This is why gratitude rules your day. You are not one to give up on a blessing, nor are you someone who doesn't see how special this makes you feel. You are not only receiving something precious; you are giving back your gratitude and thanks. This helps make you a well-rounded individual, full of love and humility. It looks great for you.

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2. Libra

Knock, knock. Who's there? The universe. The universe, who? The universe is here to bestow blessings upon you in the form of you feeling good about your life and knowing that the future is certainly looking bright. It's Monday, and you've got a new start to the week. Right off the bat, you'll be using that Moon in Scorpio energy to see that what you started last week will be completed this week in a very positive way.

One of the things that feels very obvious to you is that suddenly, the people in your life seem to be listening to you, or rather, you are noticing that they are, making you feel important and special. The Moon in Scorpio shows you, Libra, that you're not being ignored and that it was all about timing. This week shows you that the timing is on your side.


You can't help but feel as though the universe has been listening to your private plight. While seeing such a turnaround develop so beautifully is shocking, you are there for it in body, mind, and soul. All of it is good, and you are now ready to believe that there's no end in sight. You are ready to be showered in blessings; you have put your umbrella down. Let it rain!

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3. Scorpio

You'll see that on Monday, June 17, it will be Moon trine Venus that does the heavy lifting when it comes to you feeling incredibly good about certain things, like your love life, for instance. If you had any doubts about where this relationship would go, there's something about this particular transit and how it hit you on June 17 that has you feeling very confident that it's all going your way.

This feels like the universe has just set you free; the stress you carried around for so long has ended, and you really do feel as though the cosmic forces have come together to bring you this good news. The good news is that you will receive all you will receive on Monday because the Moon trine Venus is here to show you that everything will work out after all.


So, get yourself together and start up that love machine because the reality of this time is that you can and will be loved. You can and will love with all of your heart. This is a powerful day for you, Libra, and you'll want to make the most of it. So do that. Make the most of the blessings that are raining down on you during Moon trine Venus on June 17.

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4. Capricorn

You are a believer through and through, and so when you put out an intention. You never feel alone in that belief because you trust that the universe supports you in everything you do. You are right, and during this day's transit of Moon trine Venus, you'll see that not only are you right, but that the universe is even greater than your most imaginative thoughts.

Goodness pours down on you this Monday, and you'll see that on June 17, you can't escape the stuff. Yes, it's that good, and so much so that you might even shed a tear of joy as you will find that not only are the answers to your prayers available to you at this time, but that there's a promise of more goodness to come.


It's as if you can't escape the great vibe of the day — not that you'd ever want to. Being a Capricorn, you know that to be singled out like this is an occasion to summon up all of your intense gratitude. Grateful you are, as you are a realist who treasures beautiful moments and knows that these moments are indeed gifts. You take it all very seriously, and love permeates your heart.

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