Luck Improves For These 3 Zodiac Signs On June 14

We are making the magic.

Luck Improves For These 3 Zodiac Signs on June 14 boommaval from TEVIT BOONYAGAD's Images, iconsy, max-kegfire from Getty Images | Canva Pro

If it's June 14, it must be Friday, and if it's Friday, we must be feeling pretty good about the upcoming weekend. Hey, it's June, and there's so much going on. For the three zodiac signs that will be getting the most out of this weekend, we can see that, astrologically, the luck starts this Friday. We've got a lot of 'trine' energy going on, which cannot be beaten.

Let's look at Moon trine Jupiter, for instance. This shows us right off the bat that we've got plans that we cannot wait to throw ourselves into. For the party bunch who make up the three zodiac signs and will totally feel the lucky vibe of the day, we can more than likely trust ourselves when we make big decisions at this time. Oh sure, we can call it 'luck,' which it'll feel like ... but it's US. We are making the magic.


This Friday brings luck to three zodiac signs, but don't feel left out if your zodiac sign isn't mentioned. Jupiter has enough luck to spare, but these three zodiac signs will really 'get it.' If we are handed good fortune, you had better believe we'll make the best of it, as we will be doing. Woohoo!

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Luck improves on June 14 for these three zodiac signs

1. Taurus

Because you've tried to finesse things into shape, you'll find that what you've done made life a lot easier for you on Friday. So much of it is that the universal transit of Moon trine Jupiter supports you. Anytime Jupiter gets involved, you know it will be a good day for you, Taurus. So, welcome to June 14.


You've never been one to sit around waiting for a miracle; in fact, you're just the opposite. You're a get-up-and-go person despite the laziness attributed to your zodiac sign. Sure, you like to lay in bed like the rest of us humans given that opportunity to do so, but when it comes to making things happen, you're the first on the list of action types. The actions you throw yourself into create the fortunate situations of the day.

Your luck turns around during Moon trine Jupiter, and this is something you'll completely seize and make your own. You are driven and directed; you have purpose and focus. There's a comfy bed waiting for you at the end of the day, and you'll make every second count until you get there. Good luck and great times ahead, Taurus.

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2. Leo

If you think things have been improving in your life, Leo, hang on to your hat (do we still say that?) because your life is about to shift into warp speed in luck, love, and happiness. While that's a heckuva warm-up, the reality is that when you are in the presence of a transit like Moon trine Jupiter, you really take it all the way.


That 'all the way' will translate as you are productive, working well with everyone around you, AND getting along fabulously with your romantic partner. Oh yes. It's real. It all starts on June 14. Lucky Friday. Lucky astrology. Lucky horoscope. If you find yourself smiling throughout the entire day, do it. It's all good, Leo.

Here, you have a day filled with opportunities, some of which might be on a large scale. After all, we are talking about 'Jupiter,' and this planet doesn't dabble in small potatoes. (Do we still say that?) OK, OK, enough colloquialisms. What you can look forward to on June 14, 2024, during Moon trine Jupiter, is luck, happiness, and the feeling of extraordinary self-confidence in everything you do. Need I say more?

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3. Aquarius

What luck looks like to you is hearing back from someone you reached out to, and that's exactly how it will go down on Friday, June 14. You've been waiting for a communication liberation, and you'll get it, thanks to the Moon trine Jupiter. The person you want to 'have something to do with' will let you know that 'they're interested.'


Let's get to the point: Friday will bring you good luck by finding out somebody likes you, as in LIKES you. That'll make your day, your week, your month, and possibly your year. You are into this, and it feels lucky and special. You take in that Jupiter energy like a sponge, and your positive attitude really leads the way here.

Moon trine Jupiter proves that you can make it so if you wish for it. You've always believed in the power of your mind, and on June 14, you'll see that it's not just 'luck' that's on your side, but YOU who is on your side. You have created the perfect situation for this person to feel comfortable with, and now they are in your life. Sounds like a plan, Aquarius!

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