8 Magical Ways To Access The Deepest Part Of Your Mind

The dark side doesn't mean living your inner Darth Vader; it means to be authentic.

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Tapping into our ‘dark side’ represents one of our greatest opportunities for living a life of enjoyment, satisfaction and drive.

But what does your ‘dark side’ look like?

I explain it as living authentically — as we were supposed to live it.

Most of us operate within invisible boundaries created by society and our own thoughts. These boundaries ensure we conform and fit in like well-behaved sheep.


We live to please others, get approval, and try not to rock the boat.

But we also make ourselves miserable this way because we deny a whole other part of our real selves.

This is the part we hide because society frowns on it.

Films have created representations of this dark side of human nature in many forms:

  • Batman
  • Tyler Durden
  • Superman
  • Patrick Bateman
  • The Incredible Hulk

Though it needn’t be that we choose evil when exploring this ‘darker’ side, we call it the ‘dark side’ because it’s viewed as negative by a society that wants us all alike.

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Here are 8 magical ways to access the deepest part of your mind:

1. Let go of your ‘identity.’

Many of us create identities of who we think we are in the mind.

But these personas are always mind-made.

In other words, they are composed of thought patterns and aren’t a true reflection of who you are.

Those who tap into their deeper natures can see past identity.

Given the circumstances, they know they can be whoever they want to be.

This is freeing because it makes us instantly adaptable.

Forget the labels, and be who you need to be to get what you want.

2. Prioritise yourself.

It’s easy to dedicate a ton of energy to pleasing other people.

This innate need was drilled into us as we grew up, looking to make our parents and teachers smile.


But we weaken ourselves, ultimately, when we put the needs of others over our own.

This is why so many of us are depressed.

We don’t prioritize our own desires, wants, and even basic requirements.

You can only effectively help others if you have first helped yourself.

Be bold and get what’s yours.



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3. Say what you really mean.

I get it. You don’t want to upset or hurt other people.

Being unnecessarily rude is not what I’m saying.

But when we continually hide from our truth and never dare say what we know is right, we limit ourselves.

It’s like sending ourselves a message that says, ‘You’re not strong enough to express yourself.’

Experiment with speaking the truth and being straight-up honest, even if it isn’t to everyone’s liking.

This is to tap into an authentic energy that will leave you feeling alive.

4. Go beyond comfort.

Many of us live safe lives, never seeing that continually sitting in safety is dangerous.

Comfort might feel good at the moment, but too much of it softens us.


We become complacent in comfort, and this puts us at risk.

This is why you feel stagnant when you rarely step out of your comfort zone. But you must if you want to strengthen mentally and physically.

Do more hard things, and savor the pain.



5. Be ‘unreasonable.’

If you only do what the majority considers ‘reasonable,’ you’re unlikely to be tapping into your ‘dark side.’


Few people who left a mark did what was considered reasonable.

If you want to thrill yourself and make a difference, you must do the ‘unreasonable.’ That is to say — you’re doing what few would dare do.

This is to unleash your inner Superman.

This is where you will be met by unparalleled reserves of energy.

Go above and beyond.

Commit to creating something remarkable. Be ridiculous. Be a freaking maniac.

This is the game-changer.

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6. Be aggressive.

What is ‘aggression’ really?

This doesn’t necessarily mean anger, though aggression can be composed of a relentless and assertive energy.


If it’s put to good use, like training or building a business, this is where the secret of the dark side becomes apparent.

Aggression is just a label for a kind of energy deemed outside the boundaries of what is considered ‘proper.’

Most never touch it, and they are met with mediocre results.

It’s just energy. Use it.


7. Be dangerous.

Incorporating calculated risk into your life might be just the medicine you need for your sense of boredom or malaise.

When we’re continually bored or burned out, this is usually a clear sign you are playing it too safe.

Risk is demanded of you, and it will bring you a thrill and the results you want.

What’s dangerous for you that could result in something fantastic? Go there.

8. Be playful.

There’s a link between one’s dark side and play?

Absolutely. Play isn’t just for the toddlers.

Sadly, most of us forgot the power of play somewhere in our grumpy teens.

Play seems childish and even transgressive to most, and so they miss a major life trick. To be playful is to live true to who you are as a human.


Play is how we express our acceptance of uncertainty.

Life is uncertain. Play aligns our actions with this lack of knowing.

It is the energy of improvisation, experimentation, flow, and enjoyment.

To use it is to be human, and to live.

How could you bring a more playful approach to your work, relationships, and goals?

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.