The Universe Has A Special Message For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 13

It seems that the universe is always cooking something up.

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Welcome to June 13, where all things are lucky, and we feel good about life. Lucky number 13, right? While it's not a Friday, we can still look to astrology for signs of good fortune and hope. This Thursday, we may find that if we close our eyes and expect clarity and wisdom, we may just get it. Moon square Uranus energy surrounds us in our cosmic sky.

It seems that the universe is always cooking something up when it comes to relaying messages to us and that it's our birthright to receive such incoming vibes. For three zodiac signs, we might think of this day as a day of realization. The light bulb moment is here, and the power of Uranus is there to power that electric realization.


Here's a day with us trusting our instincts and going with what we know to be true. We spend a lot of time doubting ourselves, and experience shows us that 'if only we trusted our gut' we should, but we didn't. On Thursday, we don't wait around for 'shoulda' to happen; we go for it. The universal message of the day for three zodiac signs is to trust your gut, follow those instincts, and seize the day!

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The universe has a special message for three zodiac signs on June 13

1. Taurus

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Taurus, your special message of the day is to love yourself. At the same time, you might think you've got that one down pat. If the universe is reminding you to do so, you had better listen up because there are reasons for everything. What you've been going through lately might have given you second thoughts on how good you are at what you do, but hang in there. You're just getting one of those fun little 'tests' the universe likes to throw out every now and then.

Have no fear; you'll ace this test, and you won't be looking back for more. Loving yourself is the first lesson in your book of messages from the universe. It gets pretty specific, too. This isn't just about feeling confident. It's about how you communicate your worth to others. That's the 'Uranus' part. Don't undersell yourself, Taurus. Know your worth and state it.

When the universe pushes you toward knowing your self-worth, it's because you may have underestimated yourself and that extra little push toward the light. It's all good, Big T; you've got this. You know that you can believe in yourself, and the universe's message for you on June 13 is to let others know you are highly valuable.

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2. Gemini

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When the universe knocks on your door in the form of an opportunity, you get it immediately: seize the day! You'll see how things are working out for you and that you need to strike while the iron is hot, baby. No time for excuses; it's time to roll this one out.

You know you can miss this if you don't pay attention, so the universe is handing you a Uranus transit to get you up and in the groove again. The thing with you is that you LIKE momentum. You like progress and movement, so when that opportunity does come a-knockin', you'll be all there for it — with bells on, too!


So, your big message of the day is to take advantage of the times. They are on your side and need your special magic. Whatever you bring to the picture is something others cannot do, and you will be appreciated for your talents and abilities. Let's do this thing!

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3. Scorpio

You've actually been looking for 'signs,' and so it's pretty appropriate for you to be singled out by the universe. The message you'll receive will be pretty clear: Take care of business ... NOW. While that doesn't sound too romantic or mystical, only you, Scorpio, know what that really means. It more than likely has something to do with the idea that you've left something undone and you need to complete what you've started.

Gemini energy is all about movement and 'getting things done.' In your case, Scorpio, the universe is telling you to stay aware of your situation and take care of what needs attention in your life. Now, of course, this 'could' have something to do with your love life, which might imply that you need to get together with your person and have a good ol' conversation.


Whatever takes place during Moon square Uranus, you can know this: the odds of it working out in your favor are great. So go for it. Don't hold back. Get what you need to get done, done and then have yourself a great weekend, knowing that you've got one less trouble on your mind. It's all working out for you. The only thing needed here is your determination and effort. Done and done!

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