3 Zodiac Signs Are Basically The Universe’s Favorites On June 11

The vibe of the day is 'happy' and we're not doubting it.

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For some of us, July 11 will be downright special. While we may get that sneaky feeling of not wanting to 'jinx' things, we can't help but feel as though the universe is trying to tell us something and that 'something' is pretty incredible. The day's vibe is 'happy,' and we're not doubting it. We are, in fact, flowing with it, and it is making us smile.

Three zodiac signs may not be able to wipe that smile off of our faces during this transit lineup, and with Venus, the Sun and Moon all working in tandem, we're going to see some stellar results taking place in love — at work, in personal growth. We may even feel as though we are somehow favored by the universe, even though we are still trying to 'keep it humble.'


This Tuesday shows us that we are not forgotten; we are just as entitled to happiness, wealth and reward as the next person. We have put so much effort into creating positive energy that it can be expected that a reward of sorts will come our way. We are karmically balancing out our own lives during this Sun-Venus transit, and all we can do is smile, silently and knowingly. For these three zodiac signs, it's a good day indeed.

3 zodiac signs who are basically the universe's favorites on June 11

1. Gemini

OK, you get it, Gemini; the universe has obviously noticed you and the good deeds you have been doing as of recently, and while you weren't doing it for the kudos, you are certainly going to receive a rousing applause from 'above' at this time, because on Tuesday during the Sun-Venus alignment, you're going to feel very, very appreciated and well-loved.


You don't ask for it, which is why the universe seems to have singled you out; you are not needy or greedy. You have set aside all selfishness, and it seems the universe looks upon you as someone who could use a friendly and generous helping hand. So you will receive good news and possible lucrative opportunities at this time.

You know that the universe works in 'give and take' or 'share and receive,' so you feel grateful for the amazing day you're about to have. All the love and support you will receive on Tuesday only strengthens your love of life. There is something to believe in: the universal power of love and kindness.

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2. Sagittarius

No matter what happens in your life, you always find a way to rationalize it for the good or see a way around it so that in the long run, it's all 'meant to be.' You've learned a lot in your life, so you've figured out that keeping a positive attitude is the key to all of your happiness. You'll be the shining example of this positive energy on Tuesday.


If you had to admit it, you feel ecstatic about life. You honor every single day, and you cherish all the goodness that is presently in your life. It almost feels as though the universe is smiling at you, even though you know that both you AND the universe are really working together for the betterment of yourself and those around you. This is a team you've got going on here, and when the universe offers you Venus, you welcome its love into your heart.

What you've come to see and what manifests itself as reality on June 11 is the power of self-belief; this is no joke, Sagittarius, and you've got it in spades. The universe favors you because you favor the universe; you adore and respect nature and all the greatness available to all of us, and in return, you receive bliss and enlightenment. Happy is as happy does, and on Tuesday, you are one happy camper.

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3. Aquarius

You've been a long-time fan of the universe, as much as you love to look at the stars and worship at the altar of nature in all of its beauty. When you are in the presence of a strong Venus influence, as you will be on Tuesday, June 11, you'll feel so in touch with all things good that you may end up on Cloud Nine. You really feel great at this time. Who could blame you?


You've noticed that you are less attached to the things that bring you down, which is almost comical in how it works to help you out. So, that's all it takes, eh? Just a little tweak of the ol' perspective, and BAM! In comes the good stuff...just like that. Yes, Aquarius just like that. You are open to the joys of nature and compliant with the ways of the universe.

You traverse this world with respect; you honor your life, and it becomes evident on June 11 that you really do love being here, being alive, and being able to open your heart to experience the good things in life. Why bother with the negativity when there's all this? The universe reverberates your joy at this time and makes you feel special for simply being present. That's the majesty of positive thinking.

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