Struggle Ends For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 12

This Wednesday provides us with the kind of situation that allows us to bring hope back into our lives.

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On June 12, we will be fortunate to host the transit of Moon trine Mars, which, in non-astrological terms, means that we're basically getting a break this Wednesday. Those of us who've been going through personal and public struggles can count on this transit to see us through to the other side.

We're looking at how three zodiac signs, in particular, will find coping mechanisms at this time and how we will not only see a real difference in how we interpret the troubles around us, but we will get to rise about those struggles and notice a verifiable improvement in our lives. This Wednesday provides us with the kind of situation that allows us to bring hope back into our lives, and we will 'feel' it on a cosmic level.


Life gets better as of June 12, and for the three zodiac signs that will get to experience this upgrade, there will also be the presence of gratitude and acceptance. We like that we can change, and even if we surprise ourselves with the degree by which we can progress, we will adapt to it easily. This is our time; we mean to live it in joyous acceptance.


Struggle ends for 3 zodiac signs on June 12

1. Taurus

This Wednesday has you noticing a distinct and positive change in your life, Taurus. It seems that something in your life that has been bothering you for a very long time seems to have 'evaporated' into thin air. This was a short-term problem, and your struggles with it were not permanent. You will free yourself from this baggage, and the feeling will be palpable.

You are not someone who doesn't try hard to set your life on a happy course. You try very hard, and when you realize that whatever you've been lugging around is suddenly gone from your life, as it will be on June 12, you'll sense the freedom that comes with that 'lack of struggle.' Things are working out, after all, and you like it. You are open to positive energy.

Whatever plagued your mind might have convinced you that it would never leave. Yet, during the Moon trine to Mars, a very real feeling accompanies this transit. It is one of completion and the idea of not having to return to that which drags you down. You are free now, Taurus. It's a very real feeling, and it's one that you will acknowledge on Wednesday as truth, reality, and liberation.

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2. Sagittarius

The struggle was real; only you know how much it took out of you, Sagittarius. The way astrology has it, it seems you'll be 'pardoned' from this sentence of burden. Whatever it is that you've been struggling with will take on the tone of something way less taxing. As of this day, you will no longer place such intense emphasis on this particular struggle as time has shown you that there is nothing to worry yourself over.

Your struggle is mainly about overthinking something. Because of the transit, Moon trine Mars, you'll come to understand that the answer was there all along and that this 'answer' has something to do with you expressing yourself. As a Sagittarius, you do not sit well with repressed thoughts. You need your outlets; you need to express yourself, and on Wednesday, you'll see how liberating this self-expression can really be for you.

You will feel at peace, opening the doors for further positive experiences. You've needed this, and now it is yours, Sagittarius. So, go with it. Don't doubt it. Listen to your heart and trust in yourself. You've gotten this far, implying you can take it all the way. Every day is important and precious, and from this day forth, you can feel free to roam the world without this particular 'struggle' you've held on to.

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3. Aquarius

You might feel as though the realizations and revelations are now coming to you daily, Aquarius, as you seem to be going through a seriously 'good' season. On Wednesday, June 12, 2024, you're going to experience something that you were actually 'not' expecting to take place, and that is a release from a particular struggle that's been practically all-consuming.

Not only do you feel gratitude for this release, but with the presence of Moon trine Mars in your world, you'll feel very strongly about not looking backward. What this implies is that once you get it, you get it. You don't feel the need to dissect it or go too far overboard, checking whether it's real or not. It's real, Aquarius. You are all here for it.

Your personal struggle with something ends at this time, and this frees you up for what you've always wanted to participate in... meaning your life. Life beckons you, and it looks mighty good. If you feel a surge of positive energy running through your veins during Moon trine Mars, it's because you are now in the right headspace to accept the goodness that is all around you. Enjoy your life and know that finally, the struggle is finally over.


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