3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Horoscopes Will Improve On June 10

We know we're on the right track.

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We're working with Mercury's pointed energy on Monday, and that's a very good thing because we like to start the week on a good foot. Whatever transpired over the weekend is done and over with, and it's taught us a few very helpful lessons. We spent some solid time with our romantic partners. Now that it's Monday, June 10, we will apply great new knowledge to the relationship.

We want things to run smoothly in this department, and to do so, we cannot make the mistake of taking things for granted. While it's not all that easy for everyone to speak their mind, we've learned that this saves relationships: honesty, openness, and getting down to basics. For three zodiac signs, the days of withholding info or keeping our thoughts to ourselves are over. Monday begins the process of 'real sharing,' and with Mercury aligned with the Moon, we know we're on the right track.


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Three zodiac signs feel good about how they approach their partners, knowing that this prior weekend was all about getting down to the facts and feeling open about it. Now that everything is out in the air, we feel confident that this new line of thinking will really and truly help us from here on in. We might as well start now. June 10 paves the way for forward thinking. We are not looking back.

3 zodiac signs whose love horoscopes improve on June 10

1. Cancer

In everyone's life, there comes a time when we can say this is where the point of no return begins. Once we reach that point, we know there's no going back, and in your romantic relationship, you and your partner have come upon such a time. It will go down as a historical moment. Some very powerful Mercury energy is taking place in both of your lives right now. You'll see that on Monday, June 10, this energy will do you both a world of good.


There's no going back, and you can both be thankful for that. What might have split you both apart stood the test of time, but there was a purpose to that test. That you passed this test means that you both, on some level, agreed that something was not working and that you will, from this moment on, work on it, consciously and without argument.

You can perceive this day as a very positive one, indeed, as the issues of the past will remain in the past, as both you and your partner have come to an agreement. This means that communication comes first from now on and that no secrets will be left to fester. You are committed to living a beautiful life with your partner from here on, and with the help of Mercury, you will jumpstart your positive efforts.

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2. Leo

The past has you showing up to your partner as someone who might be a little too bossy or perhaps domineering in ways that might have been perceived as cute at one point and are no such thing now. It's Monday, June 10, and Mercury is in alignment with the Moon. You'll learn firsthand at this time that if it's not cute, it has to change.


You like keeping things light, Leo. In fact, you want to keep it childish at times, and while this does create levity and fun, it's not a lifestyle choice for two people. What you'll see in action during this Mercury transit is that you need to grow up. Your partner sure has. They are waiting for you to join them. Remember, this is a love relationship; you aren't 'just friends.'

We all want to stay young and youthful forever. So much of that is in the mind, and it's not necessarily something you have to give up. The times call for your maturity, and this is something that once you get a handle on, you'll end up enjoying far more than you thought. This day, June 10, can be one of the best days in your romantic life if you let it. Let it, Leo!

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3. Pisces

For you to let go of the past to make room for the present, the new, and the love that awaits you is HUGE. You have always loved your nostalgic ways, and you've derived so much joy from the memories of past times that you've become attached to them. Yet, here you are, responding to your partner's needs so that you can step away from the past and join them in the present. Done.


You're a very 'naturally' happy person, Pisces, so you feel like adapting is something you want to do without a fight. You heard the Mercurial call on June 10, which made you want to change your ways. You feel adventurous; you want to explore new terrain. You want to see what your partner has in mind when they suggest you move into the present with them.

Being that you're open-minded and accepting, this all comes as good news to you. It helps you to feel great about a potential future with this wonderful person. You don't need to slam the door on the past or seal it up and pretend it didn't exist, but you see how looking to the future can benefit you and your romantic partner. If you are willing to go with this, you'll find that you made the right choice. No looking back!

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