3 Zodiac Signs Who Experience Divine Timing In Love On June 8

We believe we missed the window of opportunity.

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We may think that our luck has just run out simply because our timing was off, but that doesn't mean much more than the idea that we need to start planning better when approaching people. We tend to get it into our heads that if we base all of our knowledge of a person on what we see of them on the internet, then we think we know everything about that person. How this affects three zodiac signs on Saturday is in so much as we will reach out, and they won't be there but, but, but...we just saw them online. Why are they not responding to us?


What we forgot over the years is that we're not on call for the rest of the world. That means we, ourselves, reach out to message someone when we see with our own eyes that they are right there, online, open for messages to come through. They don't respond to our message; we automatically think they are intentionally avoiding us or, worse, boldly rejecting us. In truth, they are just living their lives, unaware that we've 'texted' them.


So, we believe we missed the window of opportunity. We think our luck in love has just run out simply because our desire for instant gratification wasn't sated. During Venus square Saturn, we see how love is blocked, but we don't realize we are the ones in the way. So, it's not that our luck in love has run out of time; it's that we're so sold on instant gratification that we can't handle having to wait ten more minutes. Now, now, now...that's all we want.

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3 zodiac signs who experience divine timing in love on June 8

1. Taurus

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There's a lot you want out of the world and even more that you desire from a romantic partner. In your mind, your ideals are the kind that should be made into realities, as you feel very strongly about who you are, what you can do, and what your partner should feel because you seriously want your relationship to work out. During Venus square Saturn, you'll find that you might be off base just a bit, Taurus, as you will see that, in some cases, you are asking for too much.

It's not that you've run out of luck in love; it's that it's hard for you to find the 'ideal' partner, and you may still not be ready to simply accept the good person who is right in front of your face. Still, you are the one to judge what is right or wrong with what you see. You'll find that the energy that comes with Saturn's vibe is the kind that has you stopping your own motion.

You don't want things to be perfect, which will stop your flow. You don't want that to happen. You will find that if you can go with that flow and open your mind a little more, you might be able to see that the person right in front of you is as wonderful and exciting as they are. You don't need to change them into someone who is 'better' or 'ideal.'

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2. Gemini

 3 Zodiac Signs Who Experience Divine Timing In Love On June 8 SUPERMEMOTIVATION from pixabay, Yaroslav Matveev | Canva Pro

The only reason you think you've run out of time regarding love and romance is because that's a cool-sounding phrase that allows you to sulk and feel sorry for yourself as long as you want. The reality is that there's no time limit and that you are the one who gets to set that limit up. Why bother keeping yourself out of the fun when there's definitely fun to be had ... and love... and romance?

This Saturday shows you you have no reason to sit in the closet with your broken heart, nursing it forever and ever. You are alive and filled with love, and you should be out there, enjoying every second of this amazing life. You are here to be human, to live, to love and to experience all of it. That's what Venus square Saturn does to you when it kicks in.


You are witnessing the beginning of great change in your life, Gemini, and you want to be present for it. The universe is handing you a ticket to newness, and there is no such thing as 'it's too late' or 'my luck has run out.' Those cliches don't belong to a person who has love in their heart and a life to live. Go out there and live; no more hiding! Live your life.

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3. Leo

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If you feel that the person you've contacted has been ignoring you, then think again: they are merely living their own life, according to their own timing. This doesn't negate you nor mean they are unaware of you and pretending you don't exist. They are just living their life on their own timing, suggesting they will get back to you when they can. Yes, you are impatient, but there's hope here, Leo, so hang on and don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, as they say.

While you are someone that most people react to favorably, you might also be a bit spoiled. You expect instant results when you show someone that you like that. Your timing isn't off; it's just not their timing, so don't worry about sinking into a depression over something you can't control. On Saturday, during the transit of Venus square Saturn, everything will be put into proper perspective for you, and you'll get why certain things need time.

So, you haven't run out of luck in love. In fact, your timing is great. It's your patience that needs work, and well, you probably already know that. Relax and trust in the universe, Leo. Everything comes to us at the right moment, and in your case, you might be very surprised to find that your timing is rather good this time around. When have you ever been out of luck when it comes to love? Patience, that's the key. Smile.


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