What Each Zodiac Sign Can Easily Manifest With The Astrological Energy Of June 3 - 9, 2024

Each zodiac sign will find that certain things come easy to them this week.

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Mercury's playful energy will be prominent this week, heavily influencing what each zodiac can manifest between June 3-9, 2024. 

The Gemini new moon on June 6th, 2024, creates excitement and optimism for the collective. Jupiter may not be as potent in this sign — nevertheless, it is still an excellent time for us to tap into the Gemini in our natal chart and uncover our potential. Mercury enjoys writing, so this is the perfect week to journal and write down what we want, what we envision and what we hope to learn for this upcoming transit that will impact us for the next six months.


What each zodiac sign can easily manifest with the astrological energy of June 3 - 9, 2024

Aries: Enhanced communication

For the next six months, you will see how your communication skills elevate thanks to the new moon in Gemini, the same sign as Jupiter. Reclaiming your control will be a theme for this week, and the new moon in Gemini will help you along the way. It is a period of building, perfecting and mastering new skills. Discipline is essential to keep going in the long run. Be open to the opportunities that help you attain mastery for the next six months.


Journaling prompt: How confident are you with your self-expression? Discuss a time you were connected with your community. Do you aspire to meet new people during this transit?

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Taurus: Achievement

As the new moon in Gemini graces your chart, you may focus more on your progression and achievements. The week begins with the moon in your sign helping you get closer to your desires, dreams, goals and ambitions. The time now will be about developing faith in yourself with this new moon transit pushing you to new levels. Create a game plan, edit or find a muse amongst your friends to help you tap into this energy.

Journaling prompt: What are your strategies for saving and building your finances? Are you ready to make changes around the home and let go of unnecessary items?


Gemini: Eloquence

The week brings you a lot of momentum now that we are officially in your season and experiencing the bountiful energy of Jupiter in your sign. It can be a period where you may feel excited and overwhelmed with the information you want to explore. The transit can also help you learn how to become more patient and focused for the next six months. This week's New Moon wants you to listen to your heart and choose what connects you to what you desire.

Journaling prompt: Discuss the meaningful teachers you have met along the way. How have they shaped who you are? How have they inspired you?

Cancer: Reflection

The new moon in Gemini is a good time to ground yourself and understand the importance of self-care. You are entering a new chapter where rest is a priority before you spring into action when your season begins. As the Jupiter transit in Gemini makes us all come together, you may opt to do your work on your own, without the distraction from others. There could be a period where you dissect your friendships and discover the new connections you want to make.

Journaling prompt: Reflect on the people you cherish in your life. How have they pushed and motivated you?  How will you exert your independence during this New Moon transit?


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Leo: Lucrative connections

As Gemini season continues to bring us gifts, you will feel much more engaged with the energy this week. You may feel more ambitious and optimistic about taking on new challenges. The new moon will allow you to meet people who help you expand your horizons and connect with others on a new level. Expect to have intellectual discussions that will feel rewarding. These people could also help you move into new territory when exploring your creativity.

Journaling prompt: Discuss any potential projects or ideas you have during this Gemini moon transit. Are you interested in travel? Discuss where you would like to go.

Virgo: Focus

As a sign that rarely backs down from a challenge, this new moon will be an eye-opening moment, showing you what areas of your life you want to change and what you desire to accomplish. Prepare to tap into your inner warrior and feel passionate about your objectives. While Saturn continues to throw some curveballs, the lessons will help you find your path and focus for the year ahead.


Journaling prompt: What are some things you will do to help you feel more confident and empowered? List what makes you stand out. What makes people gravitate towards you?

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Libra: Courage

The new moon prepares you to explore new terrain and fall in love with the people you meet. This energy creates a sense of romance and joy because the new moon makes you more optimistic and open to new experiences. Being honest about what you desire in your relationships would be best. Some lessons and experiences from the past could be magnified during this time. Be open to learning from them.


Journaling prompt: Discuss the type of partners you attract. Describe your current or last partner. What are you seeking in your current or future relationship?

Scorpio: Enlightenment

Closing certain chapters of your life is essential now, but allowing yourself peace and healing is another effect of this transit. The moon in Taurus helps you reflect on the past and the new moon pushes you to discover yourself and who you are meant to be. There could be a challenge now regarding accepting the love around you and the people who give it. Be open to love during this transit.

Journaling prompt: Are you a trusting person? Reflect on the people you trust. What are the qualities that make a partner or a friend trustworthy to you? Will you be more willing to open up emotionally during this New Moon transit?

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Sagittarius: Partnership

Your self-esteem and how you can nourish take precedence this week. To thrive in relationships, you have to be open to accepting love from others and loving yourself. These relationship topics can open you to new methods to heal and connect with others. Gemini season will focus on your relationships and connections. You may have felt more comfortable working on your own and being independent. Still, this Gemini season allows you to socialize, make new connections and not run away from your emotions. Feel them.

Journaling Prompt: When was the last time you felt betrayed? How did you move on from the hurt? Discuss how you will incorporate more self-love during this transit. 

Capricorn: Self-Care

The season will bring you back to basics, and the new moon is an excellent time to refuel and understand how you can enhance your time management skills. It will also be a wonderful time to evaluate and check how you have focused on and cared about yourself. Self-care is essential, especially if you feel overworked and burnt out. Gemini season will bring the focus to health, so start to make some positive changes if you need to with this new moon.

Journaling Prompt: Discuss what you like to do when you want to relax. Have you allowed yourself to take it easy? When was the last time you did a self-care day?


Aquarius: Affection

The week you may continue to feel as romantic as last week as Jupiter in Gemini and the new moon in Gemini add a dose of optimism to your romantic life. The next six months can allow you to find a muse, connect with it and create something magical. You are in your element during this time, and it can make all your relationships feel balanced and secure. The new moon brings healing energy to your heart and mind.

Journaling Prompt: What are some of the ways you show your romantic partner love and support? Discuss your fun plans with the people you love during this transit.

Pisces: Foundations

As a mutable sign, this week's energy gives you a lot of clarity, pushing you to investigate. You are open now to this process, especially with Jupiter bringing you stability and grounding energy. The new moon will continue to help you learn from home and get this prosperity to the immediate environment. Receiving and giving help is a theme of this transit, and seeing the value of a supportive network of people can help you elevate and expand in new ways.

Journaling Prompt: Who do you look up to? What are you planning to learn from them during this transit? How has your support system helped you in the last year?


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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.