3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friendships Grow Immeasurably Stronger On June 3

We're going to see what happens when we ignore good advice and live to reap the consequences.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friendships Grow Stronger On June 3 AlanStix64 via Getty Images/Natural women collection via Canva

If you are one of the three zodiac signs that are mentioned here on June 3, 2024, then you probably already know that you should have listened to your friends, could have listened to your friends, would have listened to your friends...but didn't, when they told you that something was seriously wrong with the person you are now involved with.

Yeah, yeah, people love to judge our loved ones, and it's nervy, truly, but what happens if they're right, as it will turn out to be, during Moon Square Pluto this Monday? We'll get a taste of that advice as it settles into our psyches, while we know firsthand that their nervy advice was right after all. That's not a thing anyone really wants to admit to, especially when we probably fought against that 'verdict.'


Still, we're going to know in our hearts that the person we DID get involved with was just as 'they' said they would be, meaning...totally wrong for us, and perhaps one of our worst moves to date. We should have listened to the advice of friends, and during the transit of Moon square Pluto, we're going to see what happens when we ignore good advice and live to reap the consequences.


3 zodiac signs whose friendships grow stronger on June 3

1. Gemini

You absolutely cannot be blamed for following your heart, but you have come to understand that just because your heart tells you to do something, it doesn't automatically mean it's the right thing to do. You just 'feel' like it is, so you're just doing what you want to do and calling it 'following your heart.' Friends warned you, and now you've seen that your heart was totally off base.

It's OK. You win some, and you lose some, and what this Monday's 'loss' will look like is you finally getting the idea that the person you chose to be with is actually...a big loser. Your pals told you this a long time ago, and you didn't want to hear it, and really, who would? Negative sharing isn't fun, and you reject it, but still...they were right, leaving you wrong. Once again. It's OK.

What can you expect when you have Moon square Pluto in the sky, doing its thing? You're going to get change, big time. This transit rules over change and how we deal with it when it affects our lives. You know now that you will have to make a huge change in your life and that it has something to do with your partner. Did you make a mistake? No, you just took on a lesson; sometimes lessons are hard.

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2. Scorpio

Pluto energy is always the kind that has you moving...fast, and on June 3, you're going to see that whatever it is that you created in the past, you should have taken the advice of those around you at the time, as all they told you was to 'stop now, and do not proceed.' Did you stop? No? Did you proceed? Yes. Yes, you did, and that ended up with you being in the relationship you're in right now.

What to do? Well, Scorpio, you can get humble and just accept that every now and then it's not a terrible idea to take the advice of friends, especially when they don't seem to have ulterior motives. During Moon square Pluto, you recognize that the words spoken to you at one point were indeed words of wisdom...but you didn't want to hear. And how, here you are, unhappy and wishing you had taken that advice long ago.

This puts you in a quandary of what to do about your situation now. You have come to see that your partner really is 'that way' and 'that way' is a way that isn't going to stop any time too soon. You have to consider the idea of breaking up, as dreaded an idea as that may be. Your friends were right; this is not the right person for you, and this may have you trusting more in friends and less in total strangers who have access to your heart.

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3. Pisces

You don't like having to admit that someone else was right, especially if they were right about you and your life, and so much of that is mainly because you don't think your life is anyone else's business. And you'd be right, Pisces. Still, that logic doesn't ever really stop anyone from expounding on their concern for what you do and who is in your life, does it?

Once upon a time, you were told to stay away from a certain someone, and you ignored their advice promptly. You are your boss, and you don't need the chorus of naysayers to step in for an intervention. However, you'll see that whatever was told to you so long ago has now become the truth.

The person you are in a relationship with eventually follows the advice. And now you see it. You see that your friend was correct in their guess at what this person might 'turn into someday' and lo and behold, there were spot on, and not only that...you can't stand it any longer. This is a real eye-opening time for you, Pisces, and while you may have ignored the advice of a friend long ago, you'll be taking it to heart.


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