The Best Friend You'll Ever Have Vs. The Worst Zodiac Sign Friendships In Astrology

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Best Friend To Have Vs. The Worst Friend Ever, By Zodiac Sign Pairs

A person’s Sun sign does not always accurately define friendship.

There are some that do work together even when they seem like they shouldn't because astrology says that their signs are incompatible.

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All that matters is whether or not your friendship is mutually beneficial or is it toxic? And, truthfully, there can be other planets in your charts that connect  with one another, only you haven't discovered it yet.

Look at me, I am a Sagittarius, and my best friend, Lizzy, is a Pisces. According to our Sun signs, we should not be friends. We are an anomaly, on the surface, but beneath, her Sun sign matches my Moon and that's one of the reasons why we connect. 

Oúr zodiac signs don’t always tell the full story, nor do they limit who you can be friends with. They are just suggestions based on personality types.

Right now, we have been friends for almost 8 years and our bond keeps growing stronger and stronger. I know, it’s so weird. We are an unlikely zodiac pair to be friends.

Lizzy is more like a sister than a friend. We do everything together and can talk about anything.

We are there when the other is stressed with advice and inspiration. We listen and discuss our greatest fears objectively.

We also are able to calm each other down when we have a meltdown or is upset.

And yes, chocolate or pasta makes everything much, much better. We laugh and cry together. If we are going to do something, we’re most likely together.

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She is always willing to help others, of course, she is a nursing major, she is a great listener and she is very detail oriented. She encourages me to be braver, reminds me that I cannot always do everything, which is a big flaw a Saggitarius has.

I am always there to encourage her to explore and affirm that she can do anything she sets her mind to. I crack jokes to make her laugh and I do everything in my power to calm her fears.

We both like to explore, travel, and escape reality, whether it is actually traveling, or just cuddling up and escaping in a book.

It is nice to have a best friend to talk about your deepest and darkest thoughts and share your happiest moments and your funniest stories.

Best friends are never there to judge or criticize. They are there to uplift and encourage each other.

Here are some that would be immediate friends from the get-go:

Of course, each zodiac sign matches with each other because they are so similar. They easily understand each other, have the same mannerisms and personality.

Aries + Leo

These friends would be comfortable with each other, but dominant zodiac signs like Aries and Leos may clash too frequently to work.

Taurus + Leo

These dominant personalities are more compatible with a more docile personality, such as a Taurus, who needs someone in charge, which a Leo would easily fill because they desire leadership and to be in the spotlight.

Sagittarius + Gemini

A Sagittarius’ and a Geminis create the best relationship between friends. Both are humorous and adventurous. They also have an insatiable curiosity.

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Leo + Scorpio

A Leo and a Scorpio are great best friends because they are both stubborn, assertive and they don’t like being treated like they are on the outside. A Scorpio balances out a Leo because a Scorpio is calm, cool and collective, while a Leo can be a bit of a hot head and arrogant.

Here are a couple of zodiac signs that would make the worst friends:

Cancer + Sagittarius

A Cancer and a Sagittarius would not make good friends because a Cancer is very clingy, while a Sagittarius loathes clingy people because it resembles the idea of being tied down, which, since they are so free-spirited, do not desire attachment.

Virgo + Sagittarius

A Virgo and A Sagittarius cannot be friends because a Virgo is more analytical, stuffy, overly critical of oneself and shy, whereas a Sagittarius is open, curious, enthusiastic and like an energizer bunny.

A Sagittarius is very humorous, so a Virgo probably won’t understand the humor.

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Libra + Aquarius

Libras and Aquarius’ would never work as friends because an Aquarius wants to be alone all of the time, whereas a Libra loves being surrounded by people.

Taurus + Aquarius

An Aquarius and a Taurus would be bad friends because a Taurus is very much into material and superficial things while being highly emotional, whereas an Aquarius likes to ponder bigger questions while being alone.

A Taurus is very connected with his/her emotional side, while an Aquarius runs from anything that even resembles emotions.

Scorpio + Aquarius

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The pairing, Aquarius and Scorpio, would not work well together as friends because an Aquarius is more methodical and analytical while a Scorpio is very in tune with their emotions.

This is bad for this pairing because an Aquarius runs from emotions. They both like hanging out with friends, but an Aquarius is much more reserved and would rather be alone than within a group.

Don't ever give in to a relationship because if you do not pair well with someone, the friendship can easily turn toxic.

Well, that’s a wrap! These are only a few pairs that make really good friends and only a few that could never, ever be friends. The possibilities are endless.

Emily Francos is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.