3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Hardships The Week Of June 3 - 9

It's the beginning of June and we've got the whole summer ahead of us.

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Alright, it's June 3 - 9, and we are ready to rock... or, are we? While most of us love the idea that it's the beginning of June and we've got the whole summer ahead of us, there are still a few of us who are going to feel less than energetic at this time, simply because there's either a lot on our minds or we're burdened by previous engagements that rob us of our personal space and time alone.

That's what this week brings us: the desire to have a little time off. We're cool, it's not like we're going out of our minds, but with transits like Moon square Pluto and Mercury trine Pluto right at the top of the week, we may feel as though we should be doing more than whatever it is that we're doing. Still, we're dragged down by responsibilities, and it's hard for these three zodiac signs to catch a break. Plus, we've got a new moon in Gemini occurring on June 6, ultimately making this the time we decide to stay in our prospective funks or move on. 


We've got a whole summer before us, and it will be during this week, June 3 - 9, that we either cop a great attitude or sink into a mire of our own creation. Some will rise and some will fall, but all of us will eventually find out footing — so no worries, zodiac signs!


3 zodiac signs overcome hardships the week of June 3 - 9

1. Leo

All dressed up with no place to go, Leo? You can't wait to get a running start on this summer, and while you're an adult now and summers aren't what they used to be, you can't help but feel as though you need to create something for yourself that gives you the idea that there's something to look forward to. You feel frustrated during the week of June 3 - 9, and because of the many Gemini influences taking place this week, you'll be letting everyone know just how you feel.

The thing about you is that you tend to get bratty when you get frustrated, and while you're really not doing anything all that bad, you're still whiny — or at least that's how your friends perceive you. Everyone wants to please Leo, and Leo is never pleased enough, even though this summer really does have a lot in store for you. You just have to hang tight and WAIT!

The bright side: You'll get what you want and realize that having patience doesn't take anything away from your magnanimous personality. You don't need to prove to anyone that you must have your cake and eat it too, this second. What you'll end up doing is showing others that, by having patience, you're easier to be around, and you know you like that, Leo!

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2. Virgo

Now that you've just come back from doing something incredible, you feel that everything around you now is dull, boring and lifeless. Oh Virgo, are you never satisfied? Here's where you need to check in with your gratitude. You've just gone through an amazing experience, and by comparing what you've just been through to what you have the week of June 3 - 9, you feel like everything's a drag.

It's really about getting used to it, as you will. You've got the whole summer ahead of you, and you just happened to have done some fun summer stuff early on. But now that it's done, you feel that all you have to look forward to is work, work, work. Well, welcome to the crowd, Virgo! wW're all working this summer, and it's OK. Your best bet is to be thankful that you had the experience of a lifetime and now that it's not over.

The bright side: As soon as you adjust to regular ol' life again, you'll find that gratitude is the key to getting there. Adjusting is hard, but you are happiest when you know where your security is. You'll find that during the week of June 3 - 9, being back home and in the routine, doing your job, etc, is just fine. You are happy to be alive and grateful that you got to do something extraordinary.


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3. Capricorn

The week of June 3 - 9 brings you a case of "I'm getting too old for this." And as we all know, that's not exactly what you want to feel at the top of the summer. Reminiscing on the the summers of your youth, when everything was so much more carefree and easy, makes you feel this way. You'll be spending much time feeling nostalgic and wistful.

Somehow, you'll convince yourself that there's nothing more to look forward to, and if you can't be the beach baby you once were, then you might as well crawl into the crypt. Oh, stop it, Capricorn! You're this gorgeous person who is full of life — you just tend to get dramatic every now and then, and there's nothing to stop you from getting revved up for a wonderful summer...even if you don't fit into that skimpy outfit, as you once did. (Who cares!)

The bright side: Memory Lane doesn't just take you down, Capricorn. It has you curious to see who else is around. Reach out to old friends to check in on them. What you stir up because of this action is fun and that's what you didn't expect. So, expect the unexpected during June 3 - 9, 2024, and know that as long as you have life, you have hope, dreams and the possibility of good times to come.


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