5 Chinese Zodiac Signs With The Best Luck Between June 3 - 9, 2024

They are the luckiest of them all!

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Let luck blaze into your life this week, between June 3 - 9, 2024! You may think you aren't obstructing your luck and are more than happy to let it come in quick, but you may be unconsciously allowing fear to create blocks on its way. Be mindful so you can break down those walls. In the midst of this, five Chinese zodiac signs will have the best luck this week: Ox, Horse, Rooster, Rat, and Pig.

The I Ching hexagram of luck this week is Mountain over Wind (#18) changing to Wind over Thunder (#42). It tells us the story of greatness and nothingness and how the two can become interchangeable through the sands of time. So don't base your actions and decisions on what others want from you (unless it aligns with your own desires). And definitely don't base your actions and decisions on arbitrary illusions of fame, grandeur, and legacy.


No one knows what will unfold in the future, even if some wise people can accurately judge the possibilities. Similarly, no one can turn back time. But you can make the present solid and worthwhile — something that brings you joy and pride. That pursuit will unlock your luck in mysterious ways and show you why they say that the journey is more important than the destination.

If you feel called to, maintain a journal of “boons and wishes” where you note down serendipitous occurrences that lift your spirit and lend you a helping hand right when you need it the most. It will double as a gratitude journal too. That's how you can make invisible luck more visible!


5 luckiest Chinese zodiac signs between June 3 - 9, 2024:

1. Ox: Self-assured luck

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Ox, your luck this week is deeply entwined with your confidence and self-esteem. As long as you remember that you are capable of tremendous growth and have a lot of talents and capabilities, you will be fine. Your luck will blaze like the sun and clear away all possible obstacles from your path.

If you feel called to, wear the colors blue or green more this week. They will boost your luck and positively impact your sense of self. If you like wearing patterns, choose motifs that evoke a sense of power and confidence.


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2. Horse: Winner's luck

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Horse, your luck this week is extra special. It's urging you to double down and not let go of your position of power or upper hand in your private life or the public sphere. This luck will protect you from toxic forces that want to take away/steal from you what you have worked hard for. 


So be alert and don't let them claim what's not theirs to claim. The color red will bring you luck this week and also boost your inner vitality.

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3. Rooster: Patient luck

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Rooster, sometimes in life it's not easy to observe the luck that's impacting us. So be patient this week and ground yourself. Things are unfolding in your favor behind the scenes and the chips will fall exactly where and when they need to. Ideas and inspiration await you on this path too.

If you feel called to, meditate at least once this week while holding a clear quartz point, which will bring you further clarity of consciousness. Just make sure to write down your insights immediately so you don't forget them throughout the day.

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4. Rat: Patient luck

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Rat, your luck this week is all about staying still, observing the world flow around you and not engaging unless you intuitively feel you must. If you can do this, your luck will bring you something truly extraordinary, whether in love, career, or elsewhere.

A daily practice of meditation or focused breathing can definitely help you with this. You'll get better at being mindful with time and daily practice. The color blue will also be lucky for you this week.

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5. Pig: Smart luck

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Pig, your mind is a powerful organ. Rely on its intelligence, efficiency and curiosity and you will emerge victorious this week. Some of you are incubating an idea at this time that has a lot of potential. Your luck will help you nurture it in the right direction this week, thus showing you that you are sitting on top of a gold mine (figuratively, of course!).

So don't second-guess yourself or allow negative self-talk to get the best of you. That will block this luck from flowing in. The color green will be lucky for you this week.

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