The Universe Has A Message For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 30

We ask for nothing more than some time to ourselves.

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During Moon square Venus on May 30, we are very happy to share our love with our friends, family and partners — but we are also very aware of our own space. While the love is a-flowing, the need for space is just as strong. So, on May 30, 2024, during Moon square Venus, three zodiac signs will just have to take that chance.

The universe warns 3 zodiac signs that they need alone time on May 30

1. Aries

Your mission in life is to be happy, serve others and be as kind as possible when kindness is needed. You are truly a good person who wishes to feel this way as long as you live, but you also need your own space. You may feel that at this point in your life, that's a tall order — one that needs fulfilling soon, or you'll go out of your mind.


Moon square Venus brings up the idea that you're a natural-born caregiver. While you really do love taking care of family, friends, and your romantic partner, you are just now starting to become very aware that you are part of the equation, too. Yes, you, Aries. Self-love is not being in love with yourself. It's self-care, self-esteem, self-protection and the ability to say 'no' when 'no' is needed.

On May 30, the opportunity to say 'no' will arise when you realize and admit to yourself that you must pull back and find some 'me' time to do whatever you want. You don't need a reason — and the last thing you need is to explain yourself to someone else. You are worth the time spent in your personal space and you don't have to ask for permission to do this. This is your right as a human being; indulge in it.


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2. Taurus

The interesting thing about you, Taurus, is that you weren't sure you could deal with being alone, as you've come to love the company of others to such a degree that you've built up this idea in your head that you 'need' to be with people and that being alone is somehow frightening. Then, it happens. You get a little unexpected time to yourself, and guess what? You LOVE IT.

This happens when the Moon square Venus transit comes to town and influences your life on May 30. Not only is the feeling of being alone wonderful, but it's something that you now wish to implement in your life as a regular practice. Now, you want to tell people, 'No, you're going to hang back and stay by yourself' instead of going along with the crowd because you've learned to adore your personal space.

When you can express this need to others, they understand you right off the bat. During Moon square Venus, your love of self translates as the desire to treat yourself well. Sometimes, this means pulling away from the noise and the drama of other people, including friends, lovers, and family. You know what you're doing, Taurus, and now that you've tasted the freedom of personal're not going back.


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3. Aquarius

Having personal space is not only a necessity, it's mandatory in your world. Your friends and companions must know this if they want any kind of relationship with you. This is how you've intentionally built your world. You keep to yourself because you need the time off. You aren't messing around when you tell people that you are serious about personal space.

During Moon square Venus on May 30, you'll have one such chance to tell someone in your life that this is how you feel, as they are not the same kind of person as you. They like to trample all over the boundaries they feel are theirs to enter. You will let this person know that you are not up for this kind of privacy intervention. You are the real deal when it comes to needing personal space, and you will let them know how important this is to you.

What you'll end up doing is showing this person that what you feel is OK. It's OK not to want people around all the time. You have nothing against anyone. In fact, you enjoy your time with them immensely — but you don't want to be with anyone in the world, full-time and round the clock. You are truthful and honest, and if they can't grasp that, they will only make it harder for themselves, that's all.


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