3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Luck In Love On May 29

We simply want a kindhearted, loving and trustworthy person to come into our lives.

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It makes sense that during a Pisces moon we'd find someone who balances us out, as this sign is represented by twin fish. The Pisces moon energy on May 29 allows us to meet someone who swims the same waters as us, and while this could pertain to any of the zodiac signs as this is a very generous transit three zodiac signs in particular see their own dreams and desires in someone else.

3 zodiac signs with the best luck in love on May 29

1. Gemini

Do you know why you are about to meet the perfect person on May 29, 2024? Because, Gemini, you've let go of the desire to meet them. You are unattached to the results and that's created a space in the universe for your dreams to magnetize toward you rather than repel away from you. And during a transit like this Pisces moon, you will see how this all works in your favor.


Over the years, you've idealized what the person in your life would have to look, act and be like. You've built this ideal up so high that basically nobody can leap through your set of hoops. And as time goes by, you've started giving up on the idea of finding your perfect match. Bam! That's when it happens. That's when the universe makes a place for yo  in love and romance.

The less attached you are to the outcome, the easier it is for there to be an outcome in the first place and because as a 'twin' sign, you're susceptible to Pisces' dualistic energy, you're going to find that this is the day you attract someone into your life who is totally unexpected and yet absolutely perfect for you. Stay open, don't judge and go with the flow on this one, Gemini. It's all good.


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2. Libra

If you try thinking about who the perfect person is, you'll end up with such an ideal that you, yourself, would start laughing over how ridiculous you can be. Which is why you've given up on ideals; why bother? Fantasy people are best when they remain in fantasy situations. But real life demands real people, and you've started to expand your borders when it comes to who you let over the line romantically.

On Wednesday, May 29, during the Pisces moon, you meet someone who at first might not seem like your 'type.' And then it will hit you that you really don't have a type — isn't that interesting? You are a lot more open than you thought you were, Libra, and it's because of this realization that you have put yourself back on the market for love and romance. You aren't as picky anymore, which finally allows a person to appear.

This is the time you fall in love, despite your rules and regulations of what your personal love life has to look like. You are going to surpass your own set of items on the checklist and you're going to let it all just happen. Imagine that! You are going to step out of the way of your love life and by doing so, you're going to create a love life with someone in it who could be considered as your match. Nice going, Libra.


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3. Pisces

You aren't always that open to the idea of checking out 'someone new' as you've pretty much given up on the idea that anyone is good enough for you. This has not always gone well with you, as you've set your standards way too high. Perhaps this is because you're afraid of what would happen if you lower those expectations. But on May 28, you consider that maybe — just maybe — it might be worth your while to experiment in a romance with someone who isn't an idealized version of a partner.

And BINGO. The moon in your sign is on your side, Pisces, and the timing is perfect. This is when you get it together and figure out that it's been you who's been in the way all along. Your desire for the perfect person turned out to be an excuse. You've been hiding behind this crutch for far too long and the minute you accept that not having the perfect person means you might just find someone 'almost' perfect.

You finally meet someone on May 29 who does the trick for you in every department, Pisces. Don't say 'no' to this opportunity, as we don't all get this kind of silver platter delivery on just any old day. You've got the Pisces moon on your side and it's knocking on your door — time to let them in. Love is stronger than your desire to keep it at bay. Be open to it.


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