The 3 Luckiest Zodiac Signs On Wednesday, May 29

To give is to receive, and during Pisces moon square Jupiter, we get to know this as truth.

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As we come to the end of an incredible month, we can't help but feel gratitude for all the good things that have happened to us. If you are wondering what has happened that is so good, then it's time for you to check in with your gratitude. May 29 puts us in touch with the idea that yes, parts of life are challenging — but worth every single second.

During Pisces Moon square Jupiter, we will see what we have as all we need, partnered or not. This is a very well-balanced transit that puts our love lives into perspective. If we are with someone we love, that's wonderful! And if we are not with anyone in particular, that is just as wonderful. All of it is fantastically beautiful, because we are here. And for three zodiac signs, May 29 brings out the need to share our good feelings with others, romantically, platonically and socially. To give is to receive, and during Pisces moon square Jupiter, we get to know this as truth.


The 3 luckiest zodiac signs on Wednesday, May 29

1. Aries

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You have always been a person of immense love and kindness, and even though you can show your fierce side when you feel you need to, there's just something about you, Aries, that rises up to the highest level when the time is right. And on May 29, the time is not only right, but you're the person for the job. You are so generous and kind during the Pisces moon square Jupiter that you may even end up changing someone's life for the better.


You know what is worth what, and you have found in your romantic partner someone worthy of giving your time and attention to. This is a rare gem of a person which is definitely hard to find. But your Aries magnetism has attracted this person from far, far away, and just the idea that they are in your life now? \Well, it warms your heart and lets you know that miracles do happen.

And what this has you feeling is that life is made up of everyday miracles and that if you are lucky enough in this life to experience the kind of love that you have, then you are truly among the most fortunate. You feel nothing but gratitude for the way your life has turned out, and while you've seen both ups and downs, all of it feels worth it to you. Love is the answer to all of your questions, Aries.

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2. Libra

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You feel fortunate to be with someone whom you love and adore, mainly because it hasn't always been this way. You may have even found yourself at the end of your rope, only to realize that whatever you are left somehow meant to be. Your acceptance of this state is what opened your world up to the universal voice of love, and when love found you, you knew it to be true.

During the transit of Pisces Moon square Jupiter, on May 29, 2024, you will be someone who is in the position of knowing that you did 'luck out' after all, as you do have a romantic partner that is worthy of the name. As a person of great experience you know that it's not worth questioning any further; what you feel in your heart is what you know in your mind. This love is real, and you are grateful for such luck.

It is during Pisces Moon square Jupiter on Wednesday that you and your partner both feel that surge of gratitude and you show it to each other in small acts of kindness. A little gift here, a kiss on the cheek grand acts of theatre, and no dramas to be lived out. You are quite content with living a peaceful and easy existence with the one you love, and on May 29, you'll feel at home in this experience.

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3. Pisces

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There's no big show at this time, and both you and your partner would simply prefer that 'big shows' never happen when it comes to how you treat each other. While it's nice to make a big deal out of a birthday or a certain event, what you've come to learn is that what makes life worth living for you and your romantic partner is peace. Peace does the trick and it is what helps you expand on your love for each other.

The Pisces moon square Jupiter transit on May 29 helps you out, and you'll see that it's quite easy to relax into what you have, as opposed to wish for that which you do not have. Nothing is lacking in your relationship and you've learned that it's best not to look for things to upset you, as that always ends up with you finding something. So, on Wednesday you come to terms with what you have and feel grateful for it.


Just by being there for your person, you end up receiving the world in return. You are amazed at how the universe works. All you have to do is open your heart to the idea that all is well in your world in the present moment, and..voila! It is. You and your romantic partner know the value of being present and living in the moment and during Pisces moon square Jupiter, you both get to experience it in all of its simplicity and grace.

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