3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Challenging Horoscopes Starting May 23, 2024

Pandora's box has been opened, and it's never going to shut again.

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Now that you've got yourself to the point where you feel strong and capable, what you might find is the desire to let it all out all the time, simply because this newly found power hasn't yet found its direction. This means that on May 23, 2024, during the Full Moon opposite Venus, three zodiac signs may find that the healing we've just gone through is now done. So, now that we're on the other side, full of power and perhaps even 'rage,' what do we do with all of this energy?


We've started raising our — voices not in decibels but in presence. Whatever these three zodiac signs have gone through, we know we are not returning to the former state of 'holding it in.' Pandora's box has been left open and will never shut again. We will make sure of this. But we understand that if we have just found our voice and power, we use it discriminately.


During the Full Moon of May 23, we may upset a few people around us as they come to see us as much weaker than we've come to know ourselves. We are not weak; we are gigantic, powerful and perhaps a little 'too' defensive now. If we can learn to channel this power, we will find that life becomes much easier for us and those around us. Let's remember this: we don't have anything to prove. We are here to enjoy the next phase in our lives. Let's keep it positive.

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3 zodiac signs overcome challenging horoscopes starting May 23, 2024:

1. Virgo

Now that it's out of the bag, you feel that you are no longer playing games, and what this is all about is your newfound freedom. You worked very hard on yourself to get where you are now, and during the Full Moon opposite Venus, you are not getting stuffed back into that box. You have liberated yourself in words and actions and aren't playing around anymore.

You are demanding respect, and being that you are you, a Virgo, you may have expressed some of those thoughts in a rather rude way. That's OK; it's just you being you. While it's OK for you, it may not be OK for others, as Thursday has you sounding like someone with no tolerance for something you cannot understand. You have changed, but others are still getting used to your change.


It's really all about getting used to your new power, Virgo. What you feel is something you are totally entitled to, and while you might be a little 'wild' about it, at first, you'll learn to moderate your behavior very quickly so that others around you can know that you are a force to be reckoned with but not one to fear, necessarily.

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2. Libra

During the Full Moon opposite Venus, you will feel as though you have nothing to lose, and we all know this is a very strong position to be in. You are no longer here to accept at face value, which applies to almost everything in your life. You need to know that whatever you involve yourself with is true and honest; you feel the power surging through your veins, and you're not returning to a place where you must hide that feeling.

As it goes with power, 'it comes with great responsibility,' which may not be as easy as it sounds. You have learned to speak up for yourself and clearly understand your intentions. What others might not get, at first, is that you aren't returning to your previous 'shy' self. You are out of the bag now, Libra, and nobody's stuffing you back in.


The kind of liberation that you will feel during the Full Moon opposite Venus is visceral and real; you didn't think you had it in you, and while you know that it's a learning curve in terms of how you voice this newly discovered power within, you'll learn it, just as you do everything else. Thursday provides you with hope and confidence.

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3. Sagittarius

You have begun the process of freeing yourself from the burdens you, yourself placed on yourself long, long ago. You've only recently started to remove yourself from the prison that had you not expressing your real feelings, and now that this 'Pandora's Box' has officially sprung open, you can't help but run wild and free when it comes to standing up for yourself. You have undergone a radical change, and there is no going backward this time.

At first, your attitude may be shocking to others, but you will see something extraordinary happen during the Full Moon opposite Venus on May 23: you are starting to become the inspiration for others to free themselves. You didn't plan on this, but your brash new attitude and self-protective boundary creation have made others think: Maybe I can do that too?


You will change things. You don't have to do much anymore as the process has already started to unfold, and the momentum is such that you'll start noticing that other people in your life feel the same — they want liberation, boundaries, the strength of character and the bravery that comes with it. Without even trying, Sagittarius, you inspire others to be like you: brave, fearless and original.

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