Relationships Improve For 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs On May 22

Are we kidding ourselves with this relationship, or is there something here that is worthy of being nurtured?

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Wednesday, May 22, allows us to be bold and honest with the person we've been in a romantic situation with. This is when we get real with this person. Will they match us in our bold realness or back out? We are willing to take whatever goes on, but for these three zodiac signs, 'something's gotta give,' and we are here to get to the bottom of it all.

During the transit of Moon trine Saturn, we look at something inside ourselves that will not put up with liars, false hopes, or impossible dreams. We need to know, and with Saturn backing us, we feel as though now is the right time to get down to the business of getting real. Are we kidding ourselves with this relationship, or is there something here that is worthy of being nurtured?


We will find out on Wednesday. It's looking good, however, as people usually respond very well to honest and bold ultimatums. If we are upfront with our intentions, we will corner our partners so they cannot turn from our questions. If we need to know something, then the Moon trine Saturn will help us find what we've been searching for.


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Relationships improve for the three zodiac signs who are ready for real love on May 22

1. Aries

You are old and experienced enough to know what you want and will not accept in a relationship. You are pretty much a realist by now, Aries, which helps you easily get to the point. While you're still a very romantic person, and you love the frills that come with early romance, you also want to talk about the future realistically.

What's essentially going on during Moon trine Saturn on Wednesday is that you're in a relationship that could easily go sour if you don't step in with your ideas for what you need. Your partner has started showing signs of animosity towards you, and you may wonder where all this is going. It's certainly not a good sign, but can it be averted and re-routed? We shall see.

What you know is that you aren't in this to waste time. Yes, you love the fun and the early thrills, but this is your life, and experience has shown you that nothing lasts forever. So, you want to make the future as good and real' as possible, which takes confrontation and great listening skills. You are ready for what comes your way and hope to steer it all in a positive and productive direction.


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2. Taurus

If anyone has learned their lessons the hard way, it's you, Taurus. You have always believed in the power of love and took a chance on people who couldn't live up to your expectations. It's not as if you expected more than any good person could achieve. It's just that you select a few duds along the way, which became a pattern with you as time continued.

This Wednesday, however, you will be hit with a Moon trine Saturn revelation, and it will show you that you are the one who must make it happen for yourself. This implies that you need to stand up for yourself and get real. It's time to break that pattern, Taurus, and you know it because you finally see the toll it's taken on your romantic life in general. You've accepted too much negativity and sloth, so now it's time to change all of that.

This is where you really start to see results. May 22 puts you in Gemini season, which means you're already feeling strong and positive, but where you take yourself on this day is to the point of no return. This Wednesday is when you know inside and outside that you will never again accept the kind of love that comes with lies, false hopes, dead dreams or inaction. You need action, reality, and work. This is what you want in your partner, too.


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3. Virgo

The idea of being ready for 'real love' was once something that you might have found to be a laugh, as it sounds so cliche to you. Yet, you've started to see that many of the cliche and trite expressions are based on some good, solid truths. Real love? What is that? Well, it certainly isn't mindlessly accepting another person into your life so that they can fill the void that you've created with your present romantic partner.

This isn't real love; it's companionship for the sake of not being alone. That also has its value, although you must admit it's a little boring. You suddenly don't want 'boring'. It feels fake as if you're both phoning in for the necessities of a romance. Where is the 'real?'

Well, that's what you get out of Moon trine Saturn: the desire to open yourself up to something that feels real, and the good part about it is that it's doable with your partner. What you both needed was a wake-up call. You've already built in the 'comfortable' part, so why now try to get down to really loving each other? You've got each other, so it's time to do better. And you will.


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