3 Zodiac Signs Experience Real Love On May 20

So there's more to this relationship thing, eh? Hmm...the plot thickens.

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We've got ourselves a Scorpio Moon on Monday, May 20, and what we may see happening around this time is an open door into our romantic partner's heart. This implies that, for at least three zodiac signs, we are about to learn something new and exciting about our romantic partners, so there's more to this relationship thing, eh? Hmm...the plot thickens.

While the Scorpio Moon brings out in us a hunger for knowledge, it also brings with it a certain lack of inhibition; this means that we are not only open to receiving but also very much open to sharing. Under these circumstances, what is created is a 'share and share alike' situation, and when the vibe is good, and the love is real, all of this spells 'happy.' And nobody is saying 'no' to happy.


Because the conditions are good, safe, secure and promising, the idea of sharing a secret or confessing an idea doesn't seem all that scary to us or to our partners at this time. May 20 opens the floodgates to knowledge, and for the three zodiac signs mentioned here now, we will see that what we discover about our partners — or what they discover about us, is exactly what's needed to further the relationship in a very positive way.

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3 zodiac signs experience real love on May 20

1. Virgo

You really didn't think you're partner had it in them, and yet, during the Scorpio Moon on Monday, May 20, you're going to see that this person whom you thought you knew so well has a side to them that is both thrilling and...mysterious. It's odd that people can be together for so long and still have interesting aspects to themselves to suddenly 'show' one day. That 'one day' has come around, and you'll see what it's all about on May 20.


During the Scorpio Moon, you'll feel curious and perhaps even a little nosy. Your partner will entice you with the idea that they've been holding on to a secret; this will spark your curiosity and have you asking them what it's all about. When they finally confess to you what they've been working on, as it's more than like a 'secret' project, you will thrill to the idea that this has all been done in your honor.

Your partner will show you a side to themselves that you haven't seen before and a side that reveals their depth of love for you. It just keeps getting better, Virgo! While you are naturally skeptical, your romantic partner will give you good reason to put aside that skepticism forever. Never again will you doubt the love this person has for you. In a way, this is just the beginning.

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2. Sagittarius

A very interesting thing will happen to you on May 20, and that is, you will witness something in action, and it has much to do with your love life. The person whom you've doubted and suspected for far too long will show you something during the Scorpio Moon, and it will allow you to shift your thinking regarding your love for this person.


In other words, your doubts and suspicions have been wrongly placed; they need more time to feel comfortable with the idea of being in a committed relationship with you. Now that they feel at home with you, they are ready to fully give themselves to you. This is something you did not expect, and while you brace yourself for something other than this positive result, you feel relief is truly here for you.

You're ready to accept that your partner needs a little more time. And you are patient to a degree. But during the Scorpio Moon, it seems that this person has finally come around, and now that they are here, they are willing to show you what they are truly made of. They love you, Sagittarius, and you've been waiting for this. So, if you can warm to this idea, then it's all yours for the asking.

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3. Aquarius

You're about to see a side to your partner that might shock you in all the right ways, Aquarius. Something about the Scorpio Moon has your partner wanting to prove something to you — and it's not like you showed signs of doubting them...still, there's something about May 20 that has your partner feeling restless; they need to share something with you, and they know you'll approve.


Not only do you approve, but you appreciate as well, as what you're about to see, feel and hear is mind-blowing and affirmative. It seems that your partner is much more like you than you ever knew, which means that some of your own ideas are echoed in the way they behave. You not only like this, but you've needed it, as you are personally ... a very unique person and to be matched by someone else's uniqueness really hits the spot.

May 20 delivers the message of love to you, Aquarius. It comes in the form of your partner showing you they are, indeed, your perfect match. While other zodiac signs aren't necessarily as stoked to find someone as perfect as you'd imagine your love to be, you happen to be fortunate enough to be the person who gets what they want out of your love life. Long live romance!

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